Times & Seasons Welcomes Bryan Hickman

Even as our current guest bloggers, Rory Swenson and Bruce Webster, are still wrapping up their guest posting stints, Times & Seasons is happy to introduce our next guest blogger, Bryan Hickman.

Bryan is a semi-reformed Utah Mormon (whatever that means) doing his best to rein in the knee-jerkedness of his worldview (whatever that means). He went to school in Utah, receiving both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science from Utah State University. He then bravely trekked eastward in search of a law degree, a wife, and theaters that show independent films, eventually finding all three in Washington, DC. Having accomplished these lofty goals, he now helps to lead the charge against “hope” and “change” as counsel for the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Bryan likes the Utah Jazz, movies, playing the guitar, and the occasional video game. Because he drafted this bio himself, it should also be noted that he occasionally refers to himself in third person — kinda like Karl Malone…only with better syntax.

5 comments for “Times & Seasons Welcomes Bryan Hickman

  1. 3 — To the tune of hymn 280.

    Blain welcomes Bryan. Bob Dole used to talk about Bob Dole in the third person as well. As did Julius Caesar (talk about Caesar that is — he studiously avoided talking about Bob Dole).

    Looks like you’ll have some interesting work to do with the Souter replacement coming up. Good luck with that.

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