Times & Seasons Welcomes Rory Swensen

We’d like to give a warm, hearty welcome to Rory Swensen, who has agreed to guest blog here for a week or two. Rory grew up in Coalville, a small town in Utah east of Salt Lake. He has been a lifelong member of the church and served a foreign-speaking mission to Georgia (the state, not the country), so he is fluent in both American English and Southern Drawl. He’s served in various callings, but his activity levels seem to fluctuate throughout the year with a surprisingly direct correlation to football season.

He earns a living in the technology sector, but his interests range from history to philosophy to science – an eclectic mix that enables him to be wrong most of the time, but wrong with style. He also currently serves as the co-chair of the Sunstone Foundation Board of Directors, so his thoughts are hardly representative of Mormon thought.

He and his wife Krista, both impenitent Parrotheads, have four children.

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  1. Eric, I served 90-92. I had a companion named Eric Nielson in 91, and he looked strikingly like you, so each time I see your name and photo I do a quick double-take.

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