And speaking of other blogs, congratulations to our Blogscar* winners: Nate (Best Blogger), Kris and Jim (Best Posts, though Kris’s is at an unauthorized location). In the blogs category, congratulations as well, to Heather, Lisa, and, well, us. Yay, us! We rock! I’ll accept the award on behalf of the crew, and say that I’d like to thank my Mom, and Dad, and my old stake president, and my mission trainer, and Al Gore for inventing the internet so that we could blog in the first place, and my kids, and my co-bloggers, and my goldfish, and . . .

*The joy at winning the award is mitigated by the silliness of the name “blogscar” which sounds like either a bad attempt to say “boxcar” or perhaps the mark of a wound received from blogging. Perhaps a better handle can be found?

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  1. “Perhaps a better handle can be found?”

    Well, maybe, but not by the guys who brought us “Intellecxhibitionist” ;)

  2. Kristine, that comment made me laugh really hard.

    When next year’s awards open, you can guess there will be a special achievement award for “The Member of the Bloggernacle who has suffered most abuse for the names of blogs and awards.” Then we’ll see who’s laughing.

  3. Maybe Kaimi and Kristine should just keep their mouths shut, lest they be banned from future BLOGSCARS.

  4. I, for one, thought that “Intellecxhibitionist” was a great name–and I’m not trying to butter up the judges for next year’s vote, really!

  5. Jim, you are not only the first person I’ve ever heard to say that (besides myself, many times), you are also indelibly imprinted on my mind as a person of infinite good taste as well as moral courage. I’m sure your willingness to stand up for something when all are against the cause will inspire others to do the same.

    P.S. Anyone ever heard of a game called Sniglets? It’s a game of inventing new words by melding other ones– my dominance at that game is what led to that blog name. Great game.

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