A 15-year-old’s Notes about Sunday Morning Gen Conf

Sunday Morning Session–October 4, 2015

Conducting–Dieter F. Utchdorf

Song, Prayer, Song


Thomas S. Monson

  • Let your light so shine…be an example unto others–We let others see our light by being an example
  • Being an example in word
  • Being an example in conversation
  • Charity
  • Be an example in spirit
  • Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time
  • Purity

Ronald A. Rasband (new apostle!)

  • A few days ago he was called…interesting
  • I always think it would be awkward to quote someone in conference who is at that conference
  • The Lord doesn’t condone sinful conduct, but he rejoices when we come to him

Gary E. Stevenson (new apostle!)

  • The Lord will qualify whom he calls
  • I think they purposely called them close to General Conference so they would have to ad-lib a talk, just to see how well they do

Dale G. Renlund (new apostle!)

  • God has called you for what he needs you to do, not for what you done or what you can do
  • To effectively serve others, we must look through Heavenly Father’s eyes


Russell M. Nelson

  • How can they just get up there not start bawling? I know I would
  • We need women
  • Women possess special characteristics and strength
  • It is converted, covenant-keeping women who will combat the world, bring people to church

Gregory A Schwitzer

  • When we bear our testimony, we have his spirit with us
  • True disciples don’t make excuses, we share our beliefs
  • Convenience never should be an excuse
  • The time is now, do not delay

Claudio R. M. Costa

  • I think we all need a reminder to pay attention in sacrament meeting
  • We must always remember Christ–not just his teachings, but his life, his example
  • As we always remember him, we will always have his spirit to be with us
  • The sacrament is important; just because we take it every week does not diminish its importance


Henry B. Eyring

  • We live in hard times
  • We need the constant guidance of the Holy Ghost–we can be tempted at any time, go through a trial at any time
  • Treat each prompting like it is a message from God to you–which it is
  • Only through the Holy Ghost can we see how God sees
  • Trust in God–you won’t be disappointed



P.S. Here is a bit of guidance from a 15 year old. For all those who are reading this: take notes like you mean it. They do no good if you never read them and never look at them.  Say a prayer to God right now of gratitude..Each speaker can teach you something if you listen. Songs and prayers can have just as much of an impact as a speaker can. You probably don’t want to listen to teenagers, and maybe you shouldn’t–50% of it doesn’t make any sense, 40% is just ridiculous–but the other 10% is awesome insights that will change your life.

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  1. Hey, 15-year-old, don’t ever think you don’t have the power to teach others no matter their age. I’m a grandma, but some of the most powerful, spiritually impressive speakers I’ve heard are young men and young women like yourself. That’s one of the most beautiful aspects of the gospel in my eyes – we learn from each other. BTW your P.S. is awesome!

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