A 12-year-old Takes Notes on His First Priesthood Gen Conf Session

General Priesthood Session

Opening Song: Let Zion In Her Beauty Rise

Invocation: Elder Johnson

Song: Jesus The Very Thought Of Me

  •  Neil L. Anderson–Jesus saw others going on without faith. He asked, “Where is your Faith?” Faith is a gift from heaven. Araldo(?) was a young man who had a mother who was diagnosed with cancer.She told him before she died that he had to take care of the family. By day he worked at the bank and by night he attended the Academy. His hope of serving a mission was gone. He was called to go on a misson and so he told his brother how much to withdraw from his account monthly. He still didn’t have enough to serve a mission. Then he got double his normal income from the bank. He went on a full-time mission. 20 years later, he says, “Faith helped me the entire way.” I testify that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. But there is an adversary out there who delights in disbelievers. We need to protect our faith. Our faith may start as a small flame, with everything that is of this earth trying to quench it. But it will turn into an unwavering fire that will not be quenched. Strength that comes from God will help you get though the trials that will be thrown against you. Your faith did not begin at birth, and will not end at death. If you continue believing, you will see your loved ones again. Amen.
  • Randal K. Bennet–In order to live with God again, we need to have faith and hope. We would never get there alone. We have heavens help with us. God explained that we need to be as a little child. When we are learning to stand, and we fall, he cheers us on after each attempt. A young missionary on a train saw a woman and had a prompting to share the gospel with her. He began reading from his Book of Mormon, hoping that she would notice. She had the same prompting and did the same thing. They saw each other, were startled, fell in love and were sealed in the temple for eternity. They are a great example of faith. We cannot fail if we take faith-filled steps toward him. Step into heavens warm embrace. They are waiting for you to take the step toward them. Don’t keep them waiting.

Song: Praise to The Lord

  • Dieter F. Uchdorf–Babylon invaded Jerusalem and took away their best and brightest. Daniel was one of them. He was about 12-17 years old at the time. But through all the pressure, he was a believer. Unlike today, where we would have just been cast away for a little, he was risking death. Nebucanezzer had a dream, but no one could interpret it. He was furious, and he ordered that all seers to be cut in pieces. Daniel came, and asked for a little more time, and interpreted the dream. Daniel was renowned for his wisdom from all over Babylon. Scriptures were near impossible to get back then. Now we can get them so easily it is almost a thought. Do not take this lightly. Daniel could have dined with the king. Until the king had the dream. Then he lost all his power. He could have stopped believing. He would have avoided ridicule and horrible things. But he has passed his test. We have not. Wanting to believe is the first step. It requires a little humility. If we do not do this, then we are like the man who unplugs the spotlight and then blames the spotlight for the absence of light. Those who hold on to faith are far more impressive than those who go away when questions arise. I testify that in the toughest of times that Christ will never leave you. Have courage to believe. Stand with Daniel. Do not go astray. Amen.
  • Henry B. Eyring–We are grateful for the new apostles that are here with us today. Even the youngest Deacon can do great things. Small priesthood duties, such as passing the sacrament, can do great things.However great the servant, they can do great deeds. A young man once converted 40 men that would all get the Melchizedek Priesthood. My ancester Henry Eyering was a convert for about a year before he was a mission president. He had many expiriences. He once was in an area where the government no longer allowed him to preach. He sent messages and got no reply. He then had a dream that told him to go home. When he came back he said that if he had done wrong, he would go back. But Brigahm Young told him that it was all right. They had been looking all over for him. I testify that Christ will watch over you. Amen.

Song: Who Am I To Judge Another

  • Thomas S. Monson–Christ has made guidelines for us. “Keep my commandments. In this there is safety, in this there is peace.” The Adversary will triumph over you unless your determination is greater than his. The youth today are more vulnerable than ever with the temptations of today. I admonish you to turn down the volume and pray. There is the temptation of pornography, the temptations of drugs, the temptations of foul language. Stand for yourself. It doesn’t matter if everyone else is doing it. They are afraid to do what they should. Be someone that can help them. The addictions that come from Drugs, Pornography, and Alcohol are real. There is a way back from them. But it is hard and difficult. That path is only made possible through the Atonement. I testify that we are all beloved sons of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Amen.

Song: The Army of Helaman

Benediction: Elder Owen

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