Mormonism Isn’t About Mormonism

It’s a mistake to think that Mormonism is about Mormonism.

Similarly, it’s a mistake to think that my own life is about me.

To the degree that my own life is about me, that life will be sucked down the rabbit hole of self-regard and the whole thing will look like a sham, a game, an unforgivable fraud. A self-devouring maw.

And my life will look that way because it will have been.

6 comments for “Mormonism Isn’t About Mormonism

  1. Mormon Studies studies Mormonism. (That’s chiastic, it must be true.) I don’t think Mormonism studies anything; it’s about religious practice in all its varieties.

  2. So, what’s Mormonism about? Is it OK if Mormonism is about something different for me then it is for you?

  3. What is Mormonism about, then? Service to others? That’s certainly a part of Mormonism. But another big part of Mormonism is helping the Mormon church grow. Much like a big part of your life is making sure that you survive and thrive.

  4. Well said, Adam. I think a fulfilling life is centered around connecting to each other, and if life then certainly religion.

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