A Canning Statement from the Church


Given the rumors circulating about closing canneries and the reasons for doing so, Times and Seasons asked the Church’s PR department for a statement and received the following:

The Church is not closing canneries and is not limiting the variety of goods available to Church members. Over time, we will be reducing the number of facilities where the packaging of dry goods occurs. Instead, Church home storage centers will offer the same or additional commodities in pre-packaged form, at no additional cost.


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  1. Wow! The novelty of just asking and getting a reply instead of speculating and making stuff up on the internet! It seems like a lot less fun but… maybe more useful. Thank you!

  2. Nice work. But this is just the PR department speaking. We all know the TRUTH is that canneries are closing left and right. On the East coast. Next the government is coming for the temples. Be vigilant people! No matter what the PR Dept says. They’re coming.*


  3. I had already noticed that I could order a case of wheat shipped at no cost.

  4. The plan about changing the way the cannery System works right now, might just be due to the fact that often times there is not enough interesst/useage etc. from the members where These canneries are located. It used to be if you didn’t sign up right away you were out of luck. Now I get e-mails fairly regulary from the local cannery looking for People to fill shifts because there are not enough People to staff a shift.

  5. Well, our cannery isn’t canning right now. That isn’t a rumor. Prepackaged form hasn’t happened yet. I guess eventually it will. This is good news. I had been wondering if we needed to ask relatives in another state to buy some for us.
    What about the wet pack? We used to have a wet pack cannery but that closed.

  6. “The Church is not closing canneries…Over time, we will be reducing the number of facilities where the packaging of dry goods occurs.”


  7. What anon said. Reducing facilities is closing canneries last time I checked.

    That said, I’m sad. The canneries are, sincerely, the most sacred places I have ever been. Love the canneries.

  8. This is a non-statement. Frustrating. What we want is an affirmative statement: what caused the rumor in the first place; what is it that folks are actually reacting to. Respond to that and we’ll have made progress.

  9. Is there a distinction between “canneries” and “facilities where the packaging of dry good occurs”? When I lived in Detroit, we had a facility where volunteers went to can fruit and vegetables, etc. for filling storehouse orders. In my current ward, we have a facility where I understand (I’ve never used it) people go to can dry goods for their own personal use. The two types of facilities seem to be quite different in their equipment and use. But I don’t know if they both go by the name “cannery.” Perhaps this is the source of the confusion.

  10. Left Field: there is a distinction, at least in Houston, at least as far as I understand.

    The peanut butter factory (ie, cannery), Bishop’s Storehouse, Employment Center, and the place where you go to dry-pack food for personal use are all in the same complex but are treated as separate entities in formal communications. Colloquially, however, they often all get lumped under “PB Factory” or “Bishop’s Storehouse” depending on who’s talking.

  11. In an email from my RS presidency, I got this about changes in the operations of our ‘family home storage center’:

    Family Home Storage Center Changes Coming
    Due to new Food and Drug Administration regulations and the availability of a greater number of prepackaged food items, all canning in the Farmington Hills Home Storage Center will cease effective at the end of June 2013. At this time Home Storage Centers will be converted to a store-type center for home storage needs.

    Bulk packaging materials (cans, lids, pouches, etc.) will still be available for purchase and it will still be possible to check out portable can sealers for off-site canning purposes.

    Any item that is available in prepackaged form will no longer be available in bulk (25 lb bags) as of July 1, 2013.

    Our current prepackaged items are:

    – Pinto Beans
    – White Rice
    – Quick Oats
    – Red Wheat
    – White Wheat
    – White Flour

    New prepackaged items will include:

    – Sugar
    – Regular Oats
    – Potato Flakes
    – Hot Cocoa (Fruit drink and hot cocoa will be available in pouches only)
    – Fruit Drink Mix

    Items to be carried in bulk after July 1, 2013:

    – Black beans
    – White beans
    – Nonfat dry Milk
    – Apple slices
    – Carrots
    – Macaroni
    – Dry Onions
    – Spaghetti
    – Refried Beans

    We might have to go and buy bulk oats and wheat before they run out/have to start implementing the change. People wanting to can will be able to check out the materials, but not can on location. And there is the claim here (likely being passed on from those in charge of the ‘closing’ center) that FDA regulations have a part in it. Interesting. . .

  12. So, it looks more like a change in operations rather than a closing. No canning onsite due to FDA regulations, but they will still sell food storage. Still, I’m not sure I like these new regulations whatever they are. . .

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