Conference: Exploring Mormon Conceptions of Apostasy

Please join us for a conference, “Exploring Mormon Conceptions of Apostasy” to be held on March 1-2, 2012 at Brigham Young University.

The notion of an apostasy from the primitive gospel and the original church has been a key animating feature in Mormonism since its inception and in other “religions of the book.” However, the concept of apostasy has proven to be tremendously fluid, with individual, institutional, communal, and historical meanings and applications all proliferating in religious thought throughout the ages. Fifteen faithful Mormon scholars from many scholarly backgrounds and methodologies will explore the concept of apostasy in various historical and religious contexts as we consider how to narrate apostasy in ways that remain historically authentic and cohere with Mormon theology.

The conference schedule and location information are available at the conference website.

The conference is organized by Miranda Wilcox, Assistant Professor of English at Brigham Young University, with financial assistance from an Eliza R. Snow Faculty Grant.

—posted on behalf of the conference organizer, Miranda Wilcox.

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  1. I wish I could go to this!

    One thought I had as a missionary that had never occurred to me before is that the vast majority of the the world has been in apostasy ever since Eve and Adams’ children began to stray, and remains so today. Wherever there is a lack of faith and conviction, whether an individual heart, a home, a neighborhood, a government, a people, etc…

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