A Mormon Image: Turkey Bowl

Picture 102

Isn’t that a great catch? Now take a look at the whole set of photos, as photographed by a beautiful woman (who knows the photo series coordinator):

Picture 101

Picture 102

Picture 103

The Turkey Bowl is a ward tradition here, as it is in many places, and we enjoy it. These pictures are from the 2006 Turkey Bowl, where everyone learned: Don’t leave Daniel open. He may not be tall, but he can run.

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4 comments for “A Mormon Image: Turkey Bowl

  1. Very nice photos.

    I always enjoy the Turkey Bowl — it’s a good chance for the ward Priesthood to enjoy the morning together. And not just Priesthood either — sometimes the young women have sharp elbows and aren’t afraid to use them!

  2. Ha ha! Love this! The turkey bowl is one of the highlights of DH’s life. It’s been a thorn in my side, but now that he is starting to bring his sons with him, I have a feeling it will be one of our family’s cherished traditions. I am sure DH will make sure we have a turkey bowl in whatever ward we live in.

  3. I participated in a tackle football turkey bowl this past thanksgiving. While it was fun I fractured my ankle. They are fun but I think flag is better.

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