Two New Permabloggers

We are pleased to welcome two new permabloggers to our ranks: Alison Moore Smith and Rory Swensen. Both have recently guest blogged here, so I won’t repeat bio information from earlier welcome posts (see here and here for a refresher). We look forward to their continuing contributions here at T&S.

10 comments for “Two New Permabloggers

  1. Anyone whose name is pronounced “Swenson” (the correct Swedish spelling) can’t be all bad.

  2. Thank you all very much.

    Years ago, an old high school friend visited our ward. I conducted the RS meeting that day. Afterward she came up to me and said, “So, you’re in the presidency? What’s your calling?” When I told her I was the RS president she said, “Wow, they must be hard up.”

    So, I have to admit that when Dave contacted me last week about joining, my first thought was, “Um, why?”

    But I decided not to think about how the group discussion before the decision might have gone. I’m just excited and honored to be here. And I look forward to having you take me out when I say something stupid. :)

  3. Thanks all.

    And Raymond, I appreciate the nod to the spelling. While some of my relatives apostatized early on by adopting the “Swenson” spelling, I am part of the loyal Danish line that retains the “en”.

    Nothing against the Swedes, mind you. I even own a Saab. (Classic, pre-GM)

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