Notes From All Over For Week Ended July 25

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3 comments for “Notes From All Over For Week Ended July 25

  1. Wow. This is the most items in a week that I remember.

    Here’s some thoughts about what appeared this week:

    * The Pew Report on Mormonism (links in j, m and n) has a great amount of information, including a lot of surprises. The Salt Lake Tribune (d) and the Atlantic (c) both looked at the report already. I’m sure we’ll see more as pieces of the report are digested in various ways and from various view points.

    * I’m very surprised at how long the violence in Northern Mexico has taken to reach the mainstream press. And when it finally did hit the Washington Post (z), reactions to it (h) were critical over the Post’s failure to clarify that Benjamin LeBaron is not LDS, but a member of a polygamous Mormon group. Apparently that is more newsworthy than why he died.

    * I got a kick out of (i). I guess if you are shopping for religion, you need reviews!!

    * The RSC is right (o) — much of our most interesting LDS history did occur abroad. Just don’t expect many Mormons to be interested in it!

    * Not many people think about architecture. I think its nice to see someone (Orson Scott Card in (y)) call a spade a spade.

    * (ay) is, I think, well worth a read, especially if you want to understand some of the recent changes in book publishing. Of course, I’m pushing some of my own comments there.

    * While I’m not sure about the methodology used in (bp), I am not surprised at the $1 billion number — the Church has owned and added to the Deseret Ranch property in Florida for many years. The conclusions that the commentors come to in the post are kind of skewed at times, however.

    * (bs) is fascinating – a great look at the impact that an insider can have, and, I think, how you can put your life out-of-balance. A real lesson.

    * A big wet raspberry to (bv). Its a silly list, containing only a few of the anti-faith films that Hollywood has produced, and not all of those on the list are really anti-faith to begin with. A 15-year-old searching wikipedia and imdb could come up with a better list!

  2. b – I’ve met the mission president now serving in Bangalore, a couple of times. A difficult mission, but they are enjoying it.

  3. bd–this is actually my chapel here in Florida. We are going on the second week with no services (besides quickly partaking of the sacrament and going home before we overheat). The only thing we are concerned about is that the replacements seem to be happening without any protective cage, etc. going up. Apollo Beach ward has has their’s stolen twice without any sort of security measures. It’s getting to be big business down here. And our building, which years ago was out in the sticks, is now in a busy, run-down part of town. All the schools here have already had cages placed around their handlers after being ripped off.

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