How Wide the Divide . . . and can we ever Bridget?

We’re pleased to welcome Bridget Jack Meyers as a guest blogger. Jack (as she is known) is a bit of an unusual guest — she describes herself as “a mostly-Pentecostal evangelical who holds to Arminian, credobaptist, and egalitarian positions.”

For those who are counting, she’ll be just the third non-member guest we’ve ever had blogging here.  Don’t fret too much; she’s a (generally) friendly, very well-informed voice.  Jack attended BYU, where she received her BA in classics with a minor in Hebrew.  (She’s repenting by attending Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in the fall, where she will be enrolled in the MA in History of Christianity in America program.)  Jack is also something of an expert at interfaith dialog on a personal level — she has been married for 5 1/2 years to an active member of the LDS church, and they have one daughter whom they raise in both faiths.

Jack has been studying Mormonism for over 10 years now, and she likes to discuss it. She blogs at ClobberBlog which is devoted to Mormon-evangelical dialogue and interfaith marriage topics (read her Infrequently Asked Questions here); she’s also a current guest-blogger at LDS & Evangelical Conversations.  And — because all work and no play would make Jack a dull girl — she also enjoys a range of hobbies including MMORPGs, playing guitar, martial arts, firearms, and for-hire assassination.

Welcome aboard, Jack.

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  1. Terrific pick for a guest; I’ll look forward to Jack’s posts with interest (as I always do).

  2. Looking forward to your posts Jack–I trust they’ll be just as creative as some of your old Hebrew dialogues. And for the record, Ani adayin rotzeh leneshek et Reevka.

  3. Kaimi, that it easily one of the best titles for a post I’ve ever read in the bloggernacle. Major points for you!

    And welcome, Jack.


  4. Shhh….no one tell Adam Greenwood that T&S is maintaining its liberal ways by handing the mike to a (gasp!) non-member.


    Kaimi, this was all your doing, wasn’t it?

  5. Oh, so this is what she was hinting at…

    Jack, you’re going to ruin your edgey marginal status blogging here.

    Before you know it, you’ll even have be… RESPONSIBLE and stuff. Then your comments will start gaining nuance. Before you know it, you won’t even make assertions without backing them up. You might even degenerate to – shudder – footnote use.

    By that point it will be too late for you, I tell you. May this sudden madness of yours be only temporary.

  6. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone.

    #1 David Clark ~ You may be interested to know that I actually head off an entire league of polygamous assassin sister-wives who are at your service.

    #5 ?????????? ~ Vagam ani! BTW, I had a blurb about you and your lovely wife on my blog. That story never gets old to tell.

    #10 Hunter ~ Actually, Kylie was my freshman writing teacher at BYU, so I’m sure she had a hand in it as well. (My link to James also contains the story on that.)

    #11 Mark D. ~ I think Hunter just meant that it was a liberal move to bring a non-member in at all. Politically I’m pretty conservative, though I’m terrible at discussing politics so I won’t punish you all by doing that.

    #12 Seth ~ Yeah, I had to tell them I’d behave myself here. Don’t worry though, afterward I pledge to make a return to my normal M. O. of name-calling and general brattiness.

  7. “an entire league of polygamous assassin sister-wives who are at your service. ”

    HBO’s next season of plot twists on Big Love revealed!

    Welcome Jack.

  8. It’s great you have Evangelical Jack on board! Are you going to let Steve the Evangelical Mormon back?

  9. I write this after having read (and loved) part 1 of “Divide? Maybe not so much.” I then read, by the same author, “What death can teach us about heaven and hell” ( and had a wonderful comment to make (!) but then saw comments were closed. Why? Many late June posts are still open to comment; the one I wanted to comment on is only a week old. Dang!

    My other question: Trying to complain (or ask questions) about the closed comments, I found no way to contact an administrator (except by asking my wife for somebody’s personal e-mail–which I’ll do if I don’t get an answer by doing what I’m doing now). The “User Policies” say: “We welcome reader e-mail.” But I can’t for the life of me find any indication of how to do that. I haven’t found any contact information anywhere on the site. If I’ve missed the information, please tell me where it is (and maybe make it easier to notice). If it’s not there, I’d suggest adding it.

  10. (I/e Dave, Marc, Wilfried, Matt, Jim, Russell, Jonathan, Craig, Ben, Patricia, Kent, Frank, Nate, Oman, Julie, Kathryn, Kylie, Rosalynde, and/or Kaimi)

  11. Bruce: Sorry about that. I couldn’t remember whether Kaimi had said comments on threads should stay open for 1 week or 2. It must be the latter.

    Looks like someone re-opened the thread for me. My apologies, it was just me being a n00b.

  12. Thank you so much, everyone, especially Jack. All is well. I’ll try to remember the magical way to get hold of people by e-mail (though my wife also has a few people’s personal addresses).

    I’ll shortly make a comment on the now reopened “heaven and hell” post.

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