Week of Mother’s Day

For the week leading to Mothers Day, I’m going to post a variety of links, talks, and other related materials. We welcome your comments as we try to highlight some discussions about mothers, motherhood, and Mother’s Day.

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  1. Here’s maybe a dumb question for you, Kaimi and T&S readers:

    Do Mormons celebrate Mother’s Day more than other religions?

    I grew up in a fairly non-religious household that’s probably best described as “bad Protestant.” My father was a backslidden Baptist and my mother was a backslidden Nazarene and we would sometimes to to church around Christmas or Easter, but not a lot. I don’t remember celebrating Mother’s Day a lot. Dad would get Mom something on Mother’s Day or make us help do chores or something nice for Mom, but that was it.

    When I married my charming Mormon husband, I was a little surprised the following May when he got me a gift for Mother’s Day. “But I’m not a mom,” I protested. “Doesn’t matter. In our family, we get all the women presents on Mother’s Day.” Huh. Okay, I thought. And that tradition has continued, though it makes a bit more sense to me now that I’m officially a mother on Mother’s Day.

    Do other Mormons have traditions like that? Is it an LDS thing to go out of your way to celebrate Mother’s Day and extend honors to all women even if they aren’t technically mothers? Or was that just one more thing I missed out on simply because my own family didn’t practice it?

  2. I dunno. One Sunday a year the kids sing in Sacrament Meeting, and the teenagers might perform a service by taking over the Primary. Maybe some roses or cookies get passed out to the moms.

    The rest of it would be individual family traditions.

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