FHE Lesson #5

Lesson #5: Jesus Made the Earth

There are a lot of fun ideas out there for teaching about the creation; here’s a small sampling:

Have each person shape clay into a human form as you read the creation story. Discuss the differences between their creation and God’s creation.

Here are some creation “flashcards.” You could play a matching game with them. Or you could hide them around the house, have the kids find them, and then have each person tell why they are grateful for what they have found.

Here is a creation gameboard that you could use (make up your own questions.)

This page has some nice creation-related pictures. You could make a copy for each child and cut them out. As you read from the scriptures, have the children hold up the appropriate picture. Or, have them put the pictures in order as you read the creation account.

Here‘s a little poem that is just begging to be acted out.

Here (scroll down) is a cute little book about the creation.

You’ll need a piece of construction paper in each color for this activity. Play “For the Beauty of the Earth” (you can find it here) as you play musical chairs. (But: do not eliminate people. Have more than enough colors for each family member.) Periodically stop the music. Each person needs to think of one thing God created that is the same color as the paper they landed on. Variation: have a pen at each color to write down what each person says. Keep playing–it will get harder as the more common items for each color are named.

If the weather is nice, take a nature walk.

Show your family one of the “powers of ten” demonstrations to show the magnitude of God’s creation.

Using an ink pad, have everyone in your family make a thumbprint on one sheet of paper. Look closely and see that everyone has a different fingerprint. Talk about how God made each one of us unique. Then talk about what we have in common with all of God’s children.

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  1. Better yet, read and discuss Was Darwin Wrong from National Geographic. Talk about how the universe is billions of years old and how humans evolved from less complex organisms.

  2. Pastafarian, we have frequent discussions about the miracle of evolution in our house. But the focus of this lesson is a little different.

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