Welcome Guest Blogger Matt Grow

I am very glad to introduce to you our next guest blogger, Matt Grow. We thought this would be a good time to have Matt blog with us because he just had a book come out last week from Yale University Press, Liberty to the Downtrodden: Thomas L. Kane, Romantic Reformer, on an important and colorful figure in early Mormon history. Adam and I knew Matt when we were all graduate students at Notre Dame a few years back. Matt had such a mild manner and understated style that you never knew when he was going to say something painfully funny, or do something very ambitious and make it look easy. Matt and his wife Alyssa are the parents of three children, ages 6, 4, and 2. Matt is now Assistant Professor of History at University of Southern Indiana and coauthoring a biography of Parley Pratt with Terryl Givens. I know we will enjoy hearing from him.

15 comments for “Welcome Guest Blogger Matt Grow

  1. All right!

    If Matt Grow’s blogging is as good as I think it will be, you’ll want to express your appreciation. I suggest sending him and his wife digital pumpkin soup and e-spinach cream canapes.

  2. I’m one of the earliest members of the Matt Grow Fan Club. His new book is dividing space on my office door with Manti Te’o.

  3. I echo Ardis about the fan club. The only beef I have with Matt is he is making us poor college kids fork out forty dollars for his book.


  4. Longtime lurker, first-time commenter.

    Thanks! To be mentioned in the same sentence as Manti Te’o is an honor. (I have a suspicion his fan club is bigger than mine.) Adam, I’ll be expecting the soup and spinach cream canapes–just be careful with them!

    And, Ben, thanks for supporting my luxurious lifestyle.

  5. All right, Domers, invite Manti Te’o to blog.

    To be fair, we will also invite a USC Trojan player to blog, whom we will compensate munificently.

  6. I became a member of Matt Grow’s fan club back in high school and I have paid my membership dues every year since. Worth every penny.

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