One Christmas, Everlasting

Merry Christmas from Christmases past!

Here are a few favorite Christmas stories and Christmas essays from Times and Seasons and elsewhere in the Bloggernacle. The list is very incomplete. Add to it in the comments.

All six verses of Silent Night

How Silent was the Night?

Believing in Santa Claus — (one of my favorites)

How we are Mary

The Christmas Dress

Christmas Bells, by Longfellow

We are Joseph and Mary

Behold the Condescension of God!

Worshipping on Christmas Eve

Christmas and the Sacrament — there is only one Christmas

Mr. Krueger’s Christmas (Eve)

Lonely mission Christmases

Two Christmas Poems

The 6th Day of Christmas

Christmas music recommendations (see the collected links in the middle of the post)

Falls, Gardens, Deaths

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