13 comments for “A Christmas Story

  1. I once lived down the street from the “other” Grapevine High School (NOT Grapevine Faith, but the local HS), and I can’t ever imagine their football team or supporters doing anything like this.

    Very, very cool. It helps stave off the other negativity that sometimes surrounds the season.

  2. Working in a prison as a counselor, I know there are a lot of forgotten people out there. We look at people with a record, and forget that they are God’s children. Nice to see that some can look past it and make a difference, especially for the lost youth of America.

    Thanks, Julie!

    Gerald Smith

  3. Football? Evangelical Christians? TEXANS? Me, cry?


    //reads article//


  4. Are you KIDDING me? That is the greatest story EVER! I’m over here crying buckets and I hate sports.

  5. Yup. Got me, too.

    What a tremendous experience for those kids, and for the people who supported them.

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