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If you’re in the Los Angeles area, don’t forget to check out Sunstone West this weekend. Tonight’s program includes a showing of Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons, and tomorrow’s program includes a list of speakers and presentations on some interesting-sounding topics. I hope to see some of you there.

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  1. Quick update from the mechanic’s:

    Maybe I won’t be there tonight. Car trouble strikes again. We were going to make a family vacation out of this, but that might be changing.

    In any case, I should be there for my presentations tomorrow. All the rest, is up for grabs.

  2. Dang, Kaimi! I’m so sorry you’re having car problems. Selfishly, I wanted you to see the doc again, because we used some of your suggestions in our most recent tweaking. I wanted you to see your impact!
    But unselfishly, I’m just sorry your vacation isn’t going as smoothly as you’d like.

  3. Nobody Knows:The Untold Story of Black Mormons was amazing, an experience I won’t soon forget. Should be required viewing for all Mormons. It’s just unfortunate that most won’t be able to see it in the presence of Darius Gray. His stature, warmth, and testimony add a gravitas to the subject matter that is visceral.

  4. So can I assume that Darius did okay? He’s very sick right now. It amazes me how me pushes through it. I’ve called him “Atlas with the flu.” His sense of mission is so keen that he works through pain and fatigue with absolute devotion. I’m relieved that your report didn’t say, “Darius Gray looked like he was about ready to collapse,” Matt. It sounds like he pulled it off yet again. Knowing what I know, I am in awe of the man.

  5. I’d heard you say he was sick in the past, and I mentioned this possibility on the way to the screening to some of my companions. And yet he seemed in perfect health. His demeanor during the introduction and the lengthy Q&A that followed was perfectly poised. His answers to questions were generous and often profound.

    The film received a “standing o.” The room was packed. He graciously gave you (Margaret) most of the credit, as well as many of the participants in attendance: Bob Rees, Armand Mauss, Newell Bringhurst, etc.

    I was kicking myself afterwards that I hadn’t brought several people who really needed to see that film. I’d love to see you guys screen the film for the Miller-Eccles Study Group so I have a chance to rectify my mistake.

  6. Oh! I knew Armand was going to be there, but I didn’t know Bob and Newell were. Hooray!
    We’ve talked about screening for the M/E group. It’s up in the air right now. We’re just trying to not bite off more than we can chew.

    Darius draws his strength from higher powers, I’m sure. My family had him firmly in our prayers this week. I’m so grateful he “seemed in perfect health.” Maybe he was, for the two hours of the presentation.

  7. I know this isn’t the right place to post this, but for those of you in the Sacramento/Oakland/San Francisco area, we have been accepted to screen _Nobody Knows_ at the San Francisco Black Film Festival. I just got the word a few minutes ago, so we’re not yet listed on the official program. I suppose we need to put all upcoming screenings on our website. I just feel guilty asking our webmaster to keep adding new stuff, since he is donating his time. We will have a Boise showing, a Chicago showing, and now a San Francisco showing. We’re waiting to hear on other showings.

    Also, I talked to Darius and passed along the congratulations (thanks Matt!). Indeed, he relied on higher powers to get through a grueling weekend. And, wonderfully, Pastor Cecil Murray gave the invocation at one of the events Darius presented. THAT makes me regret that I didn’t do the California trip! I’d go a long ways to be with Pastor Chip. (However, my son is caught up on his homework, and he wouldn’t be if I had gone. First things first.).

  8. Margaret, there’s a very nice article (IMO) about the film with an AP byline turning up on the news feeds. It appeared in today’s San Francisco Chronicle. It’s funny you hadn’t even been approved to screen there yet! I wonder which came first.

    All in favor of the film website adding a blog, say “Aye!”

  9. Wow! What an interesting idea! A blog with the website. I’ll talk to the webmaster about that.
    I just spoke to the director of the San Francisco Black Film Festival. We’ll likely be screening in a museum there and add some information to the Black diaspora display. I’m very excited about it. I won’t have an exact date for a day or two, but I know it’ll be during the second week of June.

  10. I’m chiming in a bit late here, but let me add my props to those from others. Margaret and Darius (and other contributors): the film was very moving. I do hope that it gets wide play in Mormon circles and beyond. Good luck with the Film Festivals. Let me second the MESG screening suggestion–it would be a perfect venue!

    Kaimi: it was great to see you ever-so-briefly and I’m _so bummed_ that our sessions conflicted on the program.

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