Saturday Morning General Conference Open Thread

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  1. I’ve had the chance to work with Elder Eyring on a project and he is just SUCH a nice guy. I’m glad it’s him.

  2. It looks like Elder Cook was a lawyer like Pres. Faust was… is there like a “Lawyer Affirmative Action” program for the Twelve…?

  3. Why didn’t the open thread start at the womens session?

    .Just kidding
    ..But seriously
    …No, I’m kidding
    ….Or am I?

  4. Ryan, I think most women listen/watch at a stake center because their stake RS plies them with goodies the hour before.

  5. I think they were laughing because the choir stood up and then sat down again before standing up to give the brethern time to shuffle seats

  6. I’m excited about Elder Eyring!

    I know nothing about Elder Cook, but I look forward to getting to know him as an apostle.

  7. Why didn’t the open thread start at the womens session?

    The same reason we don’t do open threads for the priesthood session: only the Big Four are considered Canon, and thus are deserving of Official Commentaries.

  8. “…is there like a “Lawyer Affirmative Action” program for the Twelve…? ”

    No, it is just that God is a lawyer (see, e.g., Leviticus) and he likes servants who understand his lingo.

  9. Russell More like fishy commentaries, no? :)

    Nate, if God is a big-time lawyer, why does he drive a Honda?

    “I speak not of mine own Accord…”

  10. Nate –

    If God the Father is a lawyer, then who designed His Massively Parallel Global Operating System, capable of tracking prayers, actions, sins, blessings, and requests and coordinating, monitoring, and logging multi-agent interations? Is God really a computer scientist, or was that left to the Holy Ghost?

    And does the Lord have his own Sarbanes-Oxley program?

  11. I always thought of God more as a “judge” than as a public defender… and while here in the US judges tend to be lawyers first, that’s not true outside the US… I always thought of Jesus as the “public defender.” And Leviticus just might show that he’s a Legislator, which may or may not mean that he’s a lawyer… (although, as my civ pro professor always said, you can’t spit two inches in DC without hitting a lawyer).

  12. Marion G. Romney Baptized my wife’s Grandmother in a small coal villiage in Australia.

  13. I recognize this is not the point of Elder Packer’s talk, but is he, in a collateral sort of way, commenting on the Mormon folklore that every member of the Quorum has seen the Savior?

  14. I am really liking this talk from Pres. Packer so far. I’ve seen some scary evidence of GA-worship, and this is a great corrective.

  15. ” does the Lord have his own Sarbanes-Oxley program”

    No, God hates Sarbanes-Oxley like every other right-thinking sentient being in existence.

  16. And doesn’t his last comment sort of confirm that? At least, isn’t that an argument to be made?

  17. I also like this talk by President Packer, talking about the importance of all callings and the revelation each calling gets.

  18. I agree Julie. Great talk by President Packer. I would love him to unpack the idea more. It seems to me that there could be some interesting doctrinal underpinnings for the idea and I’d love to hear him outline these.

  19. Is anyone listening to Elder Packer’s comments about prophetic inspiration and testimony being no stronger than the ordinary member’s?

    That’s a big deal.

  20. Well, as for me and my house, we’re going to assume that Pres. Packer stated that he is qualified for his current calling, not due to some special, earth-shattering spiritual manifestation, but rather by virtue of the simple testimony he has–the same one he had when called as an assistant to the Quorum.

  21. THe lord’s church is fully adequate and capable of meeting emotional needs? Did I see that right?

  22. The principles put forth by President Packer are in large part the reason that the male-only priesthood doesn’t bother me much.

  23. I love this talk and just to add another dimension: My wife and I were recently on the receiving end of charitable service from our ward, not because we suffered tragedy but because we just had our first child.

  24. Totally random, but isn’t Quentin L. Cook also the birthname of the British electronica musician Fatboy Slim? (Think that music video with Christopher Walken dancing solo).

  25. Cook is 67, which is interesting — usually apostles are a little younger. The last one called over 65 (and the only other one of the currently serving apostles) was Wirthlin.

  26. Did you all see that message – a live news conference will be broadcast 30 minutes after this session with members of the First Presidency

  27. Dividends, I believe that is standard practice for new First Presidency members. (I feel bad, though: that’s gotta cut into their lunch break.)

  28. Laura #56: That was Mesa Arizona. The personal story the speaker was telling was about his family’s 1500-mile journey to that temple to be sealed.

  29. What was the name of the brother who spoke immediately before the song, and what is his calling? Was he just called to the presidency of the first quorum of the seventy?

  30. Ben S., if I read that right, they’ve got the wrong info on Elder Cook–having him called to the Presidency of the Seventy.

  31. Julie #56: Do they always show this press conference after the session when the First Presidency changes? I dont remember this from before, but that may be because I did not watch it on BYU TV the last time there was a change in the FP

  32. I’ll go with that Seth. I found an Udine Falabella at from Guatemala 10 years ago or so. Different people, I guess.

  33. I don’t know–I’m new to BYU TV online as well. I’d think they would, though. The newsroom did say that they would have it online later.

  34. This is the first year that we have been able to get a consistent video+audio stream. Either it is the new iMac (using Safari browser) or has really boosted bandwidth this year. It is finally as good as watching it in the chapel.

  35. Elder Uchtdorf quoted 2 Nephi 32:3 correctly! (It’s been misquoted in conference before, but corrected for the Ensign.)

    32:3 has an archaic relative pronoun, “all things *what* you should do” which others have either misremembered or “corrected” when quoting it in conference.

  36. just wanted to thank y’all for your comments. without cable or internet (i’m on my cell), i watch at the stake center. but effective 2:00 a.m., my 2yo is croupy with a high fever and so t&s is all i have. hooray for t&s!

  37. President Eyring’s biography on has some wonderful insights into his relationship with his parents. I’m pleased to be a member of a church where Henry Eyring’s son is in the top leadership; they are both wonderful men.

  38. Elder Uchtdorf radiates energy like no other apostle I can think of since the younger days of Elder L. Tom Perry. Even President Monson, a profoundly optimistic person, expresses that optimism through friendliness and conviviality, not high-charged enthusiasm. I can’t imagine what kind of a shot in the arm his calling must have been experienced as during the first few meetings of the Twelve last year. The man can even make a cynic and critic like myself smile.

  39. Consider Eyring was once the president of Ricks College, is this now the first college/university president in the First Presidency?

    Given his family history, I’ll bet he can give a mean talk on science and faith…

  40. Was Packer’s talk offering apologia for another white apostle?
    Was that story he told about the old lady from Brigham City from the The Work and the Glory? (pretty sure her name turned out to be Sis Steed)
    Have the women in Utah not figured out that bangs are awful?
    Will Pres Hinkley ever start looking frail? My bishop predicted two years ago from the stand it might be his last general conference but he looks stronger this conference than last.

  41. Given his family history, I’ll bet he can give a mean talk on science and faith…

    It was my understanding that President Eyring, at his own admission, doesn’t share his father’s passion or talent for science.

  42. This was a really good session. I will definitely want to go back and read Edgley’s Talk.

  43. Conner, movenetworks is a significant improvement! The stereo audio quality is wonderful. It looks like KSL has adopted it as well (although for some reason their feed is behind the feed).

  44. Julie (62), maybe they are fasting anyway and so the press conference helps keep their minds off of food.

  45. It was my understanding that President Eyring, at his own admission, doesn’t share his father’s passion or talent for science.

    There’s a difference between having his father’s deep passion and talent, and being able to offer a sensible perspective based on his personal knowledge and experience on the topic. Let’s face it — there are relatively few LDS members who have the elder Eyring’s passion and talent for science, and even fewer who can talk intelligently about the mix science and faith in scientific terms.

    On a separate note, this makes two MBAs in the First Presidency.

  46. Elder Packer said what has been needed for a long time. Those who haven’t served in conspicuous church callings won’t have excuse for the line of reasoning that says: “The Lord hasn’t given me ‘ fill in the blank” because I haven’t been called to be a “fill in the blank”. No more excuses, everything that is available to Elder Packer is available to the least among us if we really want it and diligently seek after it.

  47. Bloggers mentioned in the Q & A for Cook and Eyring. Erying is handling himself particularly well. Said he was called just two days ago!

  48. My daughter looked at me and said, “How many days to get to the temple? 4800 miles?!?!” Thanks, Elder Falabella!

    LOVE Elder Eyring in the FP; was surprised by Elder Cook, but immediately felt good abuot it; Elder Uchdorf simply is a stud.

  49. Elder Cook did a nice job in responding to the “another white Utah guy” question. I wonder if he anticipated that one.

  50. I agree Brian. This press conference is most unusual and President Eyring’s remarks are stunning.

  51. President’s Eyring’s story about disagreement among the brethren was better than anything I’ve heard in conference in years. Maybe conference should just be a giant Q & A?

  52. As Hinckley sat down, he tapped Eyring on the head with his cane, prompting the audience to erupt in laughter. (from the SLTribune’s report of this morning’s session)

    So that’s what the laughter was about! Ha!

  53. FYI the press conference can be watched on byu-tv–it starts about 2:30 into LDS General Conference (10 am).

  54. I recall when President Hinckley was sustained as the Prophet and I sought the Lord in prayer so that I could receive a testimony of his call. The answer came as I watched the video about President Hnckley shown during the conference break about. I just experienced a similar feeling of testimony as I watched and listened to President Eyring’s responses in the press conference.

  55. Elder Cook is my former Bishop and Stake President in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a very warm and compassionate person. He will be a welcome addition to the Quorum of the Twelve.

    President Eyring spoke at my daughter’s graduation exercises and her college convocation at BYU-Idaho earlier this year. A very inspiring speaker and really concerned about young people.

    Elder Holland was my Institute director in my younger days. Back then we knew him as “Jeff”!

  56. Does anybody know of an available option (at some point) to download the talks in video? We traditionally record conference and keep the tapes to use in lessons, etc., but it’s kind of a hassle and it seems that there ought download video. Or order it.

  57. Brian D., I deleted my comment. It’ll be back in action as its own post on Monday. :)

    Brad, go to BYU TV, Sat am Conference, 2:30 into the program.

  58. I had the opportunity to hear President Eyring speak a few years ago when he attended stake conference in Cleveland, Ohio. As a relatively new convert to the church, I was a thrill to hear an apostle in person – and then get to meet him. In meeting him, I made the mistake of calling him \”President\” Eyring instead of \”Elder Eyring.\” I guess I was just a few years ahead in my timing! Anyway, he just smiled and warmly greeted me and thanked me for my service to the church. Since then, President Eyring has always been one of my favorites. I\’m thrilled to see him in the first presidency and definitely support him and Elder Cook in their new callings.

  59. Whoa.

    Elder Ballard just conceded that a lot of confusion about what Mormonism is, is partly the Church’s own fault for not explaining itself clearly. It’s turning out to be a very interesting talk.

  60. Regarding what was funny after Elder Eyring was called (not sure if someone already said this)- President Hinckley tapped President Eyring on the head with his cane on his way back to his seat as a sort of “coronation”. It looked funny. (I was in the conference center…)

  61. Kevin, he told a story about how the advantage of living “cheek to jowl” with your ward is how they all pitch in during times of tragedy. Tragic car accident, everyone in the ward helps: “we would have washed their dog if they had one.”

  62. OK, so maybe I’m an idiot, but the Sat a.m. conference segment on is only 2:00 in length. Where can I find the press conference at this point?

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