Primary Lesson #4 Supplement

Primary Lesson #4 Supplement

SCRIPTURE MARKING EXERCISE: The children will need their own scriptures and a pencil for this activity. Read aloud Isaiah 7:14 and then have the children write ‘see Matthew 1:23’ in the margin next to it. Then read Matthew 1:23 and have the children write ‘see Matthew 28:18-20’ next to it. Then read Matthew 28:18-20. Share your testimony of the fulfillment of prophecies.

A SPECIAL GIFT: Talk about how many special gifts God has given us; the most special gift of all was Jesus, the only begotten Son. This activity is a fun way to help children want to share the news about God’s gift with others. Give each child a copy of a picture of Jesus as a baby. Apply glue to the back of each picture. Lay the picture face up on a square of wrapping paper. Roll the wrapping paper up with the picture inside and tie closed with a strand of ribbon. Encourage the children to share the rolled gifts with others—you could have the children make several of these each to share with family and friends.

NAME ACTIVITY: For this activity, you will need two 10-inch ribbons per child, a pen or marker (one per child) capable of writing on the ribbon, tape, and a baby name book. Tell the children they are to pretend that a new baby brother or sister has been born in their family. If it was their responsibility to pick out a name, what would they choose? Have them write the name on one of the ribbons on the far left sideLook up the meaning of the name each child picks. Help them write the meaning beside the name. . (Or: they could write their own names and you could look up the meaning of their own names.) Fasten the band onto their arms with scotch tape and cut the excess ribbon off. In our Bible story today a special baby is born and receives a special name. Encourage them to listen closely as you read Matthew 1:21 to find out the baby’s name. Have them write that name and its meaning on the second ribbon and put that one on their wrists. Explain that when they were baptized, they took on the name of Jesus Christ. This year they will learn about Jesus and how to bear His name.

STORY ACTIVITY: Cut 6 sheets of plain white paper in half. Write the following sentences in large bold lettering, one sentence in the middle of each sheet.

Joseph and Mary were planning to get married.
Steven and Tonya had set a wedding date
An angel told Mary she would be the mother of the Messiah
A doctor told Tanya that she won’t be able to have any children.
Steven’s best friend convinces him to marry Tonya anyway.
The same angel tells Joseph in a dream to go ahead and wed Mary.
Before the baby is born, Mary has to make a trip to Bethlehem.
Tonya and Steven decide to try and adopt a baby.
Mary and Joseph’s baby is born in a stable among the animals.
Tonya and Steven’s adopted child is born in a hospital among nurses and doctors.
Mary and Joseph know their baby is the best present God could give to the world.
Steven and Tonya know their baby is the best present God could give them.

Scatter the 12 half sheets of paper out among them. Make sure they are all mixed up, but lettering side up. Tell the children that you have two books that all the pages have been ripped out of. Now they’re all mixed up and you need help putting the stories back together correctly. Once the stories are back together, read through both and discuss the presents that God gives to us.

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    I love your supplements. I am not currently a teacher in Primary, but I find them to be very helpful for last minutes subbing and for home use. Please keep them coming!

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