Primary Lesson #42 Supplement

ATTENTION ACTIVITY: Make your classroom as dark as possible. Invite your students to imagine that they are in a cave and are being punished for praying. Invite them to imagine that they hear lions grumbling and then realize that the lions are in the cave with them!

COMIC: The September 1990 Friend has a comic-book style retelling of the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. You could give each child a copy and have them follow along as you read from the scriptures. You could also cut it into sections and have your class put it in order, either as individuals or groups.

APPLICATION VISUAL: The October 2005 Friend has an activity (“Daniel, Lions, and Me”) that you could make before class or have the kids make during class. You may want to give them a blank copy of the bottom half of the lion and have them fill in their own phrases.

ANOTHER APPLICATION VISUAL: Use google images to find a simple ‘clip art lion’ and print out a dozen of them. Have the children take 2-3 lions each and write on the back of each one a situation that they have been in where they felt that they were being punished for choosing the right. Then have them tape their lions to the wall. Take the lions down one by one, read the back, and discuss some of the blessings that come from choosing the right.

ART ACTIVITY: Give each child a simply drawing of the face of a lion with the mouth cut out in the shape of a light switch. Have them color the lion and write REMEMBER TO PRAY on it. When they get home, they can tape it over their light switch and be reminded to pray each night as they turn out the light.

DRAMATIZATION: Give each child the option of choosing to be the king,
Daniel, the jealous princes, an angel a lion or a soldier. It does not matter how many children choose to be each character as long as you have at least one of each. You may want to have simple props for each group (a paper crown for the king, a yellow paper mane for the lions, bathrobes for the princes, etc.) Group the children together who are representing the same character. As you narrate the story direct the children at the right time in dramatizing the appropriate action for their character.

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