Out of Africa

Nathan (enters, stage left): “Tell Simon that America is part of Texas!”

Me: “Sweetie, Texas is part of America. It is one of the states. We’ll look at the map in the morning.*”

Nathan exits, stage left

Simon enters, stage left: “In what way is Africa a part of America?”

Me: “It isn’t.”

Simon (fighting tears): “Mama mia! Nathan said you said it was!”

Simon exits, stage left

(muffled sounds of arguing from the bedroom)

*This scene takes place a full hour past bedtime. Nathan is 4; Simon barely 8.

8 comments for “Out of Africa

  1. Poor African Americans. They have to carry the burden of discrimination even in conversations whith an 8 year old.

  2. Very funny. Reminds me of a bunch of fake factiods in The Onion pretending to be a “Did you know?” piece on Canada. Among the bullet points was, “Canada is The Maple Leaf State”

  3. Alas, for another two years at least, America is indeed, in some small way “a part of Texas.”

  4. At least your kids keep it clean. My kids had a discussion on the intriguing theological and scientific topic of “Does God poop? and if so, what are meteors?”

  5. Just a snippit of a conversation 5 year-old Tyler had with his friend Wyatt:

    Tyler: Would you be said if bad guys killed your papa? (btw, he calls me dad, not sure where papa came from)

    Wyatt: That won’t happen.

    Tyler: Why?

    Wyatt: Because the Statue of Liberty makes the bad guys stay in their houses.

    Another Tyler remark one night: Dad! I like my pajamas, the insides of them are white just like milk.

    He’s smart, I solemly affirm he is smart.

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