Mid-march is the season of the burning bush: the crocuses are done, the daffodils are almost on, but for now it’s the forsythia that owns the day.


What’s blooming where you are?

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  1. Wow, it’s about 31° here too, but Celsius. What’s blooming? My white orchids, bougainvillea, the banana tree, frangipani, etc. Great stuff, but after living almost a quarter of my life in Japan, I’m seriously aching for the cherry blossoms about now.

    The picture of that tree is amazing.

  2. Dave,

    Not meaning to contradict your own report, but I’ll wager that — for today at least — there’s green to be found in Boston.

  3. Kaimi, you’re right. There’s people with green everything running around here, and I’m in the Italian part of town (the North End). I can only imagine what it looks like in the Irish quarter (Southie). And a lot of these folks are indeed in full bloom, since first call at bars here is 8:00 AM(!).

    But speaking of Saint Patrick’s Day, the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte granted a dispensation for Catholics to eat meat today (Friday), so that celebrants of Saint Patrick’s Day can eat their cabbage and corned beef without fear of divine retribution. Many of the Catholics here in Boston are quite jealous.

    For my part, I’m behaving like a good Bostonian WASP and celebrating Evacuation Day.

  4. Correction: I’ve been informed that the Boston Catholics received a dispensation to eat their corn beef. Apparently, the Philadelphia Catholics are still out in the cold.

  5. Nothing is blooming in Bishkek. Nothing. Not one thing. What I wouldn’t give for some daffodils.

    But I hear there are tulips in about a month. I’ve seen lilac bushes that I have high hopes for.

  6. Snowing here in Calgary today and -5c. We usually don’t expect spring until mid to late April.

    Watching spring general conference on tv always makes me mad (weather wise). Temple Square is in full bloom and people are walking around in their short sleeves, while here we usually still have snow on the ground. :-(

  7. In Provo the sluts are blooming. Poor sluts, can’t they find anything else to do? I mean rather than bounce, quiver, long-leggedly stride around weeping into their cell phones? It’s depressing. But, one can smell spring in the air if one sniffs.

  8. I enjoyed the full-bloom flowers around the Newport-Beach Temple’s nativity display. And, snow skiing awaits only an hour’s drive away; water skiing on the ocean is just over the hill from the temple.

  9. So Times and Seasons’ unholy aliance with several chambers of commerce across the nation becomes more apparent…

  10. Here in deserty SE Utah, after a week of cold, snowy weather, the prairie dogs, pocket gophers, and bluebirds are blooming. That’s about it!

  11. Alas, just the maples and birches, here in Denver. Daffodils soon, but they’ll surely get flattened by a blizzard or two before we’re done. They always do.

  12. That looks so familiar! Here in east Tennessee the forsythia and the white blooms of what I think they call pear-blossom trees herald spring together. Alas, both blooms seem so short-lived.

  13. I can attest that spring’s . . . AAACHOOOO! . . .coming here in Provo even though there aren’t many visible signs yet (though I did spot some daffodils blooming this morning).

  14. A few purple crocuses in an otherwise bleak landscape. A few brave daffodils spurred on by last weekend’s 75 degree days, and wondering what happened to spring.

    And the neighbor woman, of a certain age and far too certain weight, blooming in her white bra, hanging her laundry on the closeline strung from outside her third story window. Perhaps she needed to dry that blouse before she finished dressing, or she was celebrating St. Paddy’s day in her own special way.

    By the way, it seems the Archdiocese of New York has a standing dispensation for eating meat on St. Patrick’s Day, being that he’s the patron saint of the Archdiocese and all.

  15. Hey Kingsley, would you mind linking to the sort of bloom you’re seeing in Provo, like so many of the other commenters have? I’ve never seen that particular variety, ubiquitous cell phones post-dating my Provo years.

  16. In the great (snicker) inland Northwest, the crocus’ are just popping up, and if you look closely, there are buds on the Maple and Lilac trees- but still very little green to be seen. Coooooome on, April!

  17. In St.Petersburg Russia the temp. is still in the freezing catagory but we have seen some sunshine lately. The only blooms I see are in the ubiquitous flower shops, but since there is one of those on every corner, and a few in between, we get to see flowers all the time. Loved the forsythia, wow!

  18. Rosalynde, as I sit at my computer, I can look out my window and see a bush just like the one in your picture!

  19. Brilliant orange poppies in a blazing swath in the highway median between Merced and Modesto (California) today. Orchards of almonds, peaches and other stone fruits in pink and white. The sky windswept with white-topped, silver-bottomed clouds scattered all across it. I wish you could all be here to see it!

  20. Every year, for the past 3 years, my husband has insisted on trimming the Forsythia bush in August. I have explained that the blooms arrive on new growth. The first year I reminded him.The second year I practically begged him not to trim and last year I resigned myself to the fact that there will be no blooms again this spring. But this year I have a plan. I am going to dramatically trim the bush right after it blooms. In St. George this weekend, there were bunnies blooming! Little cotton-tails and long-eared jack rabbits hopping around the sage and too many of them adorning the road like bloody bunny-fur rugs.

  21. we have daffodils piling round the untrimmed peach tree, crocuses off all colors and sizes peeping through creeping purple mosses and runnning snow off the walks. While cyclimens are trying to dethrone the dafs in a porch-side coup. Much to do before the trumpet vine lords over the whole backyard and the honeysuckle tries to attack the lambsbreathe again. I’m rather out of practice at these agrarian endeavors. I’ve got a compost heat and a nuch of veggies to plant–spring, I welcome you. Especially tators and tomatoes—lovely uncomplicated beasts that they are.

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