An evening in Queen Creek

The Arizona bloggersnacker at Geoff Johnston’s was quite fun. But what exactly happened at the party? Perhaps our readers would like to guess.

Here’s the guessing game. Two items out of the following list did not happen; the rest actually took place. Can you guess which did not happen?

a. Karaoke was performed.
b. John Fowles danced the do-si-do with Kaimi (and others).
c. Kristen performed the Riverdance.
d. Kaimi showed off his mad belly-button speaking skills.
e. A ninja monkey made an appearance.
f. Monkey steals the peach!
g. Mardell (repeatedly): “I need my pills.”
h. Geoff (repeatedly): “Word.”
i. John Fowles Tea’s husband performed an indoor rain dance. It was not successful.
j. It was only by a very lucky happenstance that Mardell’s underwear stayed on.
k. Tea told a great conversion story.
l. Kaimi and Geoff discussed how to achieve total world domination.
m. We disscussed bannergate for, like, three hours.
n. Mardell performed (a very unique) ballet.
o. Tea’s husband spoke forward, backward, and in a foreign accent.
p. Indigo ate her weight in chocolate truffles.
q. Kristen performed a rousing rendition of “Tomorrow.”
r. Geoff explained to his guests that he normally doesn’t wear any pants, but that he went out of his way to put some on for the party. (We were very grateful.)

Yes, all of the above actually occured, except for two items. No, we’re not giving any details as to the circumstances that led to any of these events. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

And yes, some photographic evidence of some of the list items may exist. However, I’m at my in-laws and their computer is a dinosaur — I’m lucky to be able to post at all — and I don’t think I’ll be able to upload photos any time soon. Also, there is an element of mutual blackmail present. After all, if I post pictures of Kristen’s riverdance, she might post picures of my belly-button-talking.

(Answers: (a) and (f) did not occur. The rest actually took place. And they were just the tip of the iceberg. . .)

12 comments for “An evening in Queen Creek

  1. Oops Kaimi– on (i) it was Tea’s husband who performed the unsuccessful raindance! And he did so while holding his infant daughter upside down by the ankles to boot.

  2. k) I forgot to complete the circle back to the visitors’ center card I filled out at the beginning of my story. A few months after I was baptized I received a phone call from one of the workers there apologizing for not following up on my request for missionaries but they had just found my card behind the desk stuck to the wall and was I still interested in having the missionaries call me?

    (insert musical flourish here)

  3. Sorry about the mix-up, John. Blame it on the fact that your very successful do-si-do created a mental association of you as the dance person. (Ladies and gentlemen, it’s John the dancing Fowles!)

    (Also, I should note tha Mardell, blogging over my shoulder, said “I thought that one was Tea’s husband” as I was typing the post. I should listen to her more often).

  4. Kaimi, that is all well and good, but you are ignoring the important question: Was cheese served? :->

    Who wore the Johnston’s lampshade home?

  5. I regret that I left before hearing your belly-button speaking. Is it similar to speaking in tongues?

    As for the lampshade, Mark, I think I wore it, but I don’t recall. I had far too much cheese! My wife had to drive me home.

  6. Brian,

    We should have known better than to let you near that Stilton unattended. I guess some people just can’t hold their cheese.

    Oh, and rest assured — your early departure saved you thousands of dollars in therapy bills.

  7. Sorry for the delay in my response — I’ve been disconnected for a day or two…

    Let me just say that the Wengers and our other ‘Nacle friends proved that there ain’t no party like a West coast party ’cause a West coast party don’t stop (even if we’re pretty far from the actual coast…) Who knew it would be such a rager?

    Anyway, we just might have to make this an annual event if the Bloggernacle can stay alive a few more years.

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