WordPress 1.5

WordPress 1.5 appears to be running. We’ll probably have to make little tweaks in the next few days, but I don’t anticipate any major changes.

The biggest difference is that comments use “emergent whitelisting.” This means two things:

1. Once whitelisted, your comments shouldn’t be held up in moderation (yay!). However
2. Everyone’s first comment will be automatically moderated. This closes an important loophole, whereby a comment spammer or troll could simply hop on to a new IP address or proxy and continue harrassing us. However, it does mean that your first comment may take a short while to clear moderation.

UPDATE: As far as I can tell, it’s using our existing comment database as the whitelist. So no need for re-approval if you’ve already got at least one comment.

The new software is also supposed to have improved anti-spam components and a few other fun bells and whistles.

If anyone has any questions, please let us know.

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  1. can you batch load whitelisted ips? because it would be relatively easy to get a list of IPs with 5+ comments, say, and automatically whitelist them. Save you a lot of trouble.

  2. Kaimi,

    What edition of WordPress automatically makes visitors feel welcome and loved and responds thoughtfully to their comments? Also, we need a WordPress version that can rewrite Nate’s Sugar Beets post in new and interesting ways for him.

  3. I’m still figuring it out myself. As far as I can tell, the existing whitelist is comprised of everyone who has ever had an approved comment on T&S.

    In other words, you’re already on it. I think.

  4. With everyone else, Kaimi, I’m grateful for all of the time you have put in–with help from others sometimes–keeping T&S together technically. Heaven knows that if it were up to the philosopher, French linguist, institute teacher, etc., it never would happen.

  5. Hmm – I tried posting in this thread earlier, and got nothing.

    Also, a post of mine in transfermations didn’t show up on the sidebar.

    However, I like the new look (w/out the lines).

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