Wow — I didn’t see this one coming. It is with a heavy heart that we announce a major shake-up in the blogosphere. Steve at BCC is calling it quits.

We would say that we enjoyed reading BCC; that its posts were always top-notch; that it made the sunshine brighter and the birds song sweeter. But none of that is really true. I mean, how far can a blog really expect to go when its founder is a Canadian?

But we’ll miss BCC around here. We’ll miss having them around as a convenient foil. We’ll miss the cautionary tale element — I could always threaten my co-bloggers “we don’t want to become like BCC, do we?” We’ll miss the unintentional laughs, and a few intentional ones. And most of all, we’ll miss that color scheme, which we all lovingly nicknamed “Life After Airsickness.”

Rest in Peace, BCC.

10 comments for “RIP, BCC

  1. BTW Kaimi, I’ve decided to cancel our arrangement. Someone else will be writing my obituary.

  2. April Fools or no, throwing stones in the glass house of color choice is a dangerous pastime Kaimi.

    Our own “yesterday’s liverworst” color scheme is hardly hurl-proof.

    : P

  3. Sheesh, I need to write “It’s April Fools Day!!” on a post-it and stick it to my forehead. That’s the second time today my stomach has dropped out of my body in dismayed shock.

  4. Why does Millenial Star look like Times and Seasons? April Fools? If so, those guys have a lot of time on their hands.

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