New Feature: T & S Karaoke

We’ve been in close negotiations to purchase some used karaoke equipment from a despondent Steve Evans. Given the course of negotiation, we’re confident that we’ll close the deal soon.

And so, without further ado, it’s time to announce our latest regular feature: Times and Seasons karaoke! Once we get a few technical bugs worked out, we’ll post the first installment, which is Nate’s not-to-be-missed performance of My Way. We expect to follow shortly afterwards with Kristine’s rousing rendition of Dancing Queen, as well as a special performance of The New Kids on the Block – Please Don’t Go Girl, sung by Matt and Kaimi. As far as the rest of the schedule — well, we’re happy to take your requests.

UPDATE: You drive a hard bargain, Steve Evans. So you really won’t close the deal for the karaoke gear unless we include your rendition of You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman) on the blog? Well, never let it be said that Times and Seasons is unreasonable. We’ll accomodate your wishes and change the schedule; we’ll be leading off with your masterpiece. I’m looking forward to it.

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9 comments for “New Feature: T & S Karaoke

  1. I’m excited that Steve will be participating too. That boy has a major set of pipes. You should see his Mariah Carey imitation — it’s uncanny.

  2. i presently have all of the software & hardware capabilities to create my
    own karaoke cdg’s……. what i have need of are decent soundtracks from
    the LDS hymnal so that i can put a karaoke project together for Family
    Home Evenings. (something the kids would really enjoy doing) do you know of any LDS musicians that would be able to put these tracks together for me? i’m willing to pay for the service (no “wannabees” need apply)

  3. & Julie & Kristine duet of Ms. Franklin’s “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves” complete with leather mini-skirts & fright wigs.

  4. Yeah, that was a real scream at the T&S Christmas party. My only criticism was the flour on the mini-skirts, but I thought, hey! the girls have been busy making pastries in the kitchen. Cut ’em some slack.

  5. I am in the process of programming the complete church Hymnal into Karaoke Format. I have other Church hymnal that I have completed and the demain is great. If you are interested in having Karaoke music for your Family nights fron the adult or the Child Hymnal please email me with your Ideas and let me know what a complete set of Karaoke disk would mean to you and your Family. Mu email address is [email protected]. Some of my web sites are “” and “”. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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