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  1. Fluoridation = 353,000 on Google.
    Flouridation = 6,300 on Google.
    Floridation = 1,870 on Google.
    Flooridation = 0 on Google.
    = urgent need for Flooridation to be discussed.

  2. Wilfied,

    Because we are using the wonderful English language, you left out Phluoridation etc. :)

  3. Flouridation: must have something to do with all that wheat that mormons store.

    My father, a chemist, always made us pronounce the word correctly, and that somehow led us to think about spelling it with the u before the o.

  4. Let me throw this out here. There’s a dosage curve for just about everything. Below a certain range, you don’t get any good out of something your body needs. Above that range, you can get toxic effects. Fluoride in the therapeutic range for dental health does indeed make teeth more resistant to the acids produced by bacteria in the mouth. However, the dosage range that helps teeth may cause brittle bones. Fluoride supplementation might mean fewer cavities at ten, but more broken hips at sixty-five, more knee and joint problems at 35…who knows? But it makes sense and it’s worth thinking about.

    I grew up on fluoride and have disabling orthopedic problems, stress fractures for no apparent reason, and arthritis…and I’m not 40 yet. If the research on these questions is being done, I haven’t heard about it. Fluoride is not a bad candidate for the cause of my problems. We know fluoride can weaken bones. Do we know if it has an effect on other structures, systems, and tissues?

    It is a good thing if some people stay off the fluoride-supplement bandwagon. Only if we have a control group will we ever have a chance to figure these things out! It’s a sure bet that the toothpaste and drinking water suplliers are not going to fund research to see if they’re causing weak bones to the sue-happy generations they serve.

    Anyway, our consumption of carbonated beverages probably undoes any good the fluoride might be doing our teeth!

  5. Isn’t Flouride in the drinking water supposed to be for mind control?

    Shhh! Don’t remind them.

    Oh… umm, forget what I said. Yes, fooorgeeet whaaaat I saaaaaaid. *evil eye*

  6. Fluoridated water means small children are born with really thick hard skulls, which in turn alters the child’s personality permanently. This factor, more than any other, explains why I am so obstinate and argumentative on T&S threads.

  7. Sheri Lynn,

    On the carbonated beverages front, Diet Coke can also cause brittle bones, or at least so says my wife, the Diet Coke drinking doctor.

  8. Drinking Coke has also been shown to cause people to repeat what they say they say they say they say.

  9. Diet Coke also causes serious problems to computer screens after it is snarfed through the nose. Or so I’ve heard.

  10. I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

  11. Decreasing the signal to noise ratio, more from Jack D. Ripper:

    General Jack D. Ripper: Mandrake, do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why, there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk… ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children’s ice cream.
    Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: Lord, Jack.
    General Jack D. Ripper: You know when fluoridation first began?
    Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: I… no, no. I don’t, Jack.
    General Jack D. Ripper: Nineteen hundred and forty-six. Nineteen forty-six, Mandrake. How does that coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh? It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core Commie works.

  12. danithew,

    You’ve touched on a favorite topic of mine, Carmex addiction! The wax in Carmex seals in moisture, but there are chemicals in it that are meant to treat cold sores by drying them out. It’s popularity as lip balm is strange considering that it was never intended for constant use. I for one, am happily Carmex-free for 11 years now, after a brief period of always having a tub of the stuff with me.

  13. Anybody have any actual info on the costs of fluoridation in Utah versus the estimates? It is my understanding that it has been much more expesive to implement than anticipated. It is also my understanding that the fertilizer industry funded the Utah fluoridation ballot measures, since fluoride is a toxic byproduct of fertilizer production that needs to be disposed of if it isn’t sold. I have no idea where I obtained this information or even if it is accurate.

  14. The water in the town I grew up in wasn’t fluoridated. My grandfather is a pediatric dentist.


    I had to take those little pink fluoride pills. They did not taste good.

  15. What shocked me the most was the recent (ok a year or two ago) vote in Salt Lake County to fluoridate the water systems. I had thought that Mormons understood and cherished the idea of free agency ( yah, I know, I’m “free” to go buy bottled water to drink, shower with, and pour on my lawn…). I thought we were against the use of Government force – yet the measure passed (I think something like 51% to 49%). I believe the Mormon ratio in SLC is about 60%. What gives? Have we become that ignorant or gullible?

  16. I could never figure out if I was supposed to chew the little pink pills in order to coat my teeth with fluoride or if I was supposed to swallow them to get it into my bloodstream. Talking to the dental students in the ward, it seems that chewing is the way to go since you get the benefits of both topical application on the teeth and the rest gets swallowed and goes into your bloodstream where it can reach the teeth as well.

    Those pills were the worst part of my morning.

  17. William,
    My grandfather was a dentist, which led to the pink pills in my home as well. But I *loved* them. I remember sneaking a few extra into my pocket in the morning for consumption during recess.

    a random John,
    Thanks for clearing that up. That had been bothering me for years.

  18. Carmex addiction?

    How about addicition to “FIsherman’s Friend”?

    I swear I was addicted to those for awhile. I had a killer cold and they got me through it, but I found myself sucking on them like they were hard candy for weeks afterward.

    Of course, than I ran out of the super-mega pack I had bought, and didn’t buy another one, so perhaps it wasn’t really an addiction. But, boy, they sure have a kick!

  19. When I was at BYU in the mid-1990s, the father of a friend ran for the state legislature. He needed some friendly delegates at the state GOP convention, so I went (I am a conservative Republican from the midwest, but then registered in Utah). I was dimly aware of the anti-fluoridation stance, but only in the context of the punchline of a joke about Birchers. Imagine my surprise when the floor opens for debate on platform issues and the convention is immediately seized by anti-fluoridation crusaders. At that point I vowed to have nothing more to do with Utah politics.

  20. Kiami’s post and 30-plus responses–more proof that T&S is an unstoppable juggernaut, the Wal-Mart of the bloggernacle.

  21. Diet coke. Phawwwww. Bleah. I want REAL corn syrup in my bone-and-teeth-rotting elixir of death.

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