Shameless Huckstering: Ephraim’s Harp

On an earlier thread, someone opined that I am precisely the sort of snob for whom it is impossible to select a musical gift that will be appreciated. I want to report that two brilliant, generous and very thoughtful friends have actually done it, even without reference to an Amazon wish list. The CD is Saints Bound for Heaven, recorded by a Mormonish group called Ephraim’s Harp in NYC, and it’s great stuff. The performance preserves the vigor and excitement of a Sacred Harp sing, without the jarring intonation problems that can occur with a wildly enthusiastic group of amateurs. There’s lots of good singing here, and some fun settings of texts we know with other tunes. This is the soil from which American (and Mormon) hymnody grew, and it’s a good thing to return to roots every once in a while. You can listen to clips and buy the CD here. Do it!!

7 comments for “Shameless Huckstering: Ephraim’s Harp

  1. Got my CD in the mail this week and am listening to it right now, as a matter of fact.

    I can give it a strong recommendation. Of course I would recommend it no matter what, because I know a few people involved with this, have attended one of their concerts and want to see this sort of worthy endeavor do well.

    But I can objectively say that I am currently being buoyed by its lively, American sounds in a way that is independent of all that. Ah, sweet music.

  2. If this web site is going to support commercial endeavors, then shouldn’t it the domain name end “.com” instead of “.org”?

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