Thanks, Danithew

Because I’m hopelessly behind in everything I do, I hadn’t realized that I neglected to post a thank-you for our guest blogger Daniel Bartholomew. Yes, the Westchester invasion is officially over (whew!). But seriously, it was great having him on board for two weeks. The posts and discussions were (as expected) great reading. (As the say in Guatemala, “calidad!”). And don’t forget to visit Danithew at his own blog, Wump Blog (which is undergoing rennovation).

If I were Adam, I would have a poem here to formally say goodbye. But then again, if I were Adam, my wife would look at me strangely when I got home and say “where’s Kaimi?” And I wouldn’t be in New York. And I probably wouldn’t be writing this post. There would be two Adams, and it would cause a paradox, and the universe would explode. Not a good result. So as much as I would like to offer a poem here — which I would do if I were Adam — I’ll just remain being Kaimi, and finish in prose. For the sake of the universe. There’s no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, after all.

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  1. If you were Adam your head would be spinning. But you would still be thanking Daniel Bartholomew.

  2. Maybe Bryce and I can drum up more Westchesterites of yore
    to bathe Times and Seasons with wisdom all the more. (UNANIMOUS GROAN)

    Ok, you all have already seen that poetry is not really my thing … just something I engage in occasionally to torment others. Maybe I’m part Vogon and no one ever knew it. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It is, after all, “a wholly remarkable book.”

    Seriously, I want to thank T&S for giving me the chance to guest-blog. It was fun.

    Pass the Morcafe, Kaimi. And some of those rolls too.

  3. I don’t know Bryce. I’m waiting for a massive breakthrough where the world will honor my incredible talent — bestowing me with the easy riches and fame I deserve.

    But since a huge demand exists for what I’m thinking … (don’t think I can’t sense the tongue-in-cheek thing going on here). :)

    More seriously now … the blog is going to have a few more things going on besides art. I’m just trying to figure out how to create the tabs I want so that the blog can be better organized around more specific categories.

  4. Danial,

    I had a very busy time of it during your tenure as guest blogger, so I didn’t get to make some of the comments that I’d planned to. I hope I don’t take anything away from any of the other guest bloggers when I say that I found you to be one of the most insightful guest bloggers I’ve remember. Well done.

  5. Also, the home teaching meter on your blog rocks! It should be a standard feature in the bloggernacle.

    (At first I wondered if it was sexist not to include a reference to visiting teaching, but then it occurred to me that chicks don’t need such a meter.)

  6. David King Landraith,

    Thanks for your kind comments. I assumed this thread was a bit dead and just happened to notice your comments today. So thank you again.

    The hometeaching hack/plugin can in fact be easily adapted or altered so that it is a visiting teaching hack/plugin.

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