Something’s Coming…

In one week, on November 19th, Times and Seasons will turn one year old. As part of our anniversary celebration…expect something big. Something huge! Something MASSIVE!! Well, big, anyway. Stay tuned.

Regarding the rampant rumors that our esteemed competition’s recent moves to reshape their brand are a panicked response to this blog’s purchase of their URL with the intention of constructing a state-of-the-art, family-friendly, well-funded “Times and Seasons Appreciation/Fan Club” site, the T&S management has no comment at this time.

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    [Since I congratulated Julie Smith on the birth of her baby before it happened, I thought I’d better continue to follow that foolish and misguided tradition. That’s just the way my logic works these days.]

  2. Actually, we’re planning at BCC to find some sort of electronic monkey to fling his feces over here.

    Something MASSIVE, eh? T-shirts? Collector’s edition comment posts? Awards for wittiest banter?

  3. D.

    No — this is ‘fussball’ — a game inspired the letters to the Dialy Universe. The winner of the game is the one who can make the most fuss about the most banal or insipid topic while at the same time juggling a Quad, a copy of the Miracle of Forgiveness and a pyrex dish full of Jello.

    I’m not sure why the ‘ball’ suffix is involved except that all cool sports have ‘ball’ on the end.

  4. Thanks.

    and yes, I know it’s “Daily” and “‘ball’ isn’t an actually a suffix, but you have to do the comedy quick on T&S — it doesn’t work so well if 10 other comments have appeared before you finish writing your bit.

  5. Uh, guys, I already let the cat out of the bag in this amazing post. Clearly, when Russell says “something’s coming,” he means the spaceship with highly evolved alien life forms of Nate Oman’s kind.

    Get your tin foil hats out, folks.

  6. And I see that I’m the second person on this relatively short thread to use the hackneyed phrase “the cat’s out of the bag.” Sigh.

  7. The cat’s out of the bag is another interesting Mormon-themed game that can be traced to some of the experiments with the United Order, but I’ll leave the details up to your imagination since I’m sure they’ll be much more entertaining that way (yes, I’ve been monitoring all you sickos who’ve been posting in the IC thread).

  8. The surprise is that one of the frequent commenters (me) actually works for the Strengthening Church Members Committee, and I’ve been evaluating the orthodoxy of each of you over the past year. I will be sending out official reprimands through your respective Stake Presidents and having them pull temple recommends where appropriate.

    Please note that any and all ecclesiastical sanction will be, of course, a local decision.

    Sorry, Russell. I just couldn’t keep the secret any longer!

    Aaron B

  9. Sorry, Adam. The best I can do is issue you one of our new, top secret “unexpiring� recommends, complete with three “Get out of WofW for 24 hours� cards, and a one-time, one-year “Tithing Reprieve,� to be used at your discretion. Given your unfailing orthodoxy, you’ve had these coming, no doubt about it.

    The rumor mill here at the C.O.B. has it you were actually being considered for the Apostle-ship, and you were neck-n-neck with Bednar there for a while. Alas, your refusal to sufficiently apologize to Steve E. for your many written gaffes was unforgivable, so Bednar edged you out in the end. Sorry.


    Aaron B

  10. Ah, so it’s the addition of Wilfried, Ben, Frank, Melissa, and Rosalynde. This is a major coup. Absolutely brilliant.

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