Shameless Self-Promotion

(As if there weren’t already enough navel-gazing around here today…) Boston area Bloggernaclites should come see the New England Latter-day Saint Choir (from the Cambridge YSA Wards) concert of Wilbergiana on Sunday night, featuring ME playing 2nd fiddle (not being modest, I really am playing Violin II). The concert is at First Church in Cambridge, 11 Garden St. , at 7:30. (Free, about an hour long, all Wilberg hymn arrangements around the theme of heritage)

9 comments for “Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Is this the same choir that recently had an inspirational rehersal mentioned elsewhere on the net?

  2. Nope, different choir–the other is a “Gentile” group. That concert, in which I’ll be singing alto, is Dec. 4th in Hamilton. E-mail me if you want details.

  3. Why do Mormon choirs (especially this institute choir) only ever sing songs by Mack Wilberg? There is so much other good music…

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