Belated (But Earnest) Thanks to Clark

The Thanksgiving holiday distracted us from thanking Clark Goble for his guest-blogging stint. It was a honor to have Clark join us at the same time we celebrated our first anniversary; his blog, Mormon Metaphysics, has long been and remains one of the very finest in the whole Bloggernacle, and the man himself is one of our all-time comments champs. While with us, Clark shared that blogging talent by way of inquiring about the political lessons of Mormon history, the relationship between science and Mormonism, the importance of Thanksgiving, and much more, including a rant about dating in Provo. Many thanks Clark, and keep up the commenting!

Update: ok, so maybe our thanks weren’t quite so belated as we thought…Clark managed to slip in one more post, just under the wire. Way to push the envelope Clark!

9 comments for “Belated (But Earnest) Thanks to Clark

  1. What, Clark isn’t one of the new permabloggers? Looking at the sidebar, I see that I was mistaken in that belief. Darn. Thanks, Clark.

  2. One day John we need to organize a reunion of all the Los Alamos folks from the early 90’s. I’ve long wondered where everyone wandered off to.

  3. Nice work guest blogging. You contributed some of the more lively posts in recent memory.

  4. If you include older Los Alamos-ites, count me in, too! Maybe I should have added this to the Six Degrees of T&S thread, but Clark and I have a piano in common–friends that he lived with in LA loaned my family one of their two Steinway grands for many years, and I lived just around the corner from where Clark did (except, of course, that I left long before he got there).

  5. Sister Kristine, my wife, Elizabeth Pack Mansfield, was interested at seeing you featured on this web site.

  6. Elizabeth Pack?!!! Wow–what a funny little world; we probably haven’t seen each other since jr. high orchestra. Hi Elizabeth, and start commenting already!!

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