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  1. Bryce, are you related in some way to a Dwight Inouye (probably a generation above you) who grew up in Sanpete county as the best friend of my father, Russell Frandsen? Furthermore, are you in any way related to Ron and Shauna Frandsen and their children, Jill, Nick, and Peter?

    If you are, not only have we probably met–but you are hereby banished from the bloggernacle for improperly appropriating a cultural more that was never intended to leave the Pacific! ;)

  2. Rosalynde! Your father is Russ Frandsen??
    Amazing how the world shrinks. I knew Russ, perhaps before he met your mother. (I’d have a go at her name, but haven’t any clue how it’s spelled–Kristy?)

    My favorite memory was when we went out with two sisters, one of whom is now in the history faculty at BYU, and somehow the conversation drifted along to the mating habits of chickens. Count on a boy from Sanpete County to know that sort of thing.

  3. Of course Bryce, you now are required to explain the relationships between the Utah County and the Sanpete County Inouye clans.

    Speaking of which, whatever happened to the lovely Liz Inouye?

  4. Mark, how funny! Yes, my father eventually married my mother, Christie Hansen. Did you know him from the Honors Program? (I’m always amazed at how much more cohesive Honors was then than during my era.) I’ll have to bring up the chicken-mating habits conversation with him, maybe during one of his laments over the decline of cultural decency during the Clinton era….

  5. It may well have been the Honors Program. I don’t remember. In fact, to quote Henry V: Old men forget, yet all shall be forgot . . .

  6. All–

    You can all blame Jonathan Green for inspiring this throwaway post with his comment here.

    I’m not Hawaiian and not Caucasian.

    I am not related (that I know) to any Inouyes in Utah other than my brothers Dallin and Scott at BYU and Yukus, my grandfather, who lives in Highland. Grandpa has a lot of sisters, and my dad has one brother who lives in Fairfax County, Virginia.

    I’m not related to Dillon Inouye by blood, but he was my quiz bowl coach at BYU for a year, shared an apartment with my father briefly, and took my mother to Homecoming.

    I’ll have a few things to say about what I am in a forthcoming post.

    Rosalynde —

    Shauna Frandsen is my aunt — my mother’s sister, so I am by extension related to Ron and their children. I’ll start digging around the photo albums to see if I can come up with a picture of the two of us together.

    Also, my wife is a Hintze. The first time I brought her over to my grandparents’ house to meet my extended family, Ron asked if she was related to Ferdinand Friis Hintze — she’s a great-granddaughter of the fourth wife (whose name escapes me at the moment), so she’s a cousin of my uncle.

    And people wonder why Mormons are so interested in family history.

  7. Hello! We (Greg, Elizabeth & I) used to be in the Durham ward with you — how are Kristin and Jaime doing? Is Jaime in first grade now? I have fond memories of her cute little baby cheeks from playgroup.

  8. Allison–

    HI! Do you visit here much? Kristen and I were just talking about Elizabeth the other day, remembering something funny she had said about one of Jaymie’s stuffed animals. Jaymie is in 1st grade — we’re homeschooling her.

  9. I visit Times & Seasons several times a week, but I haven’t visited Durham at all since we left. Sorry for the slaughter of Jaymie’s name, and congratulations on the births of your subsequent children.

  10. Okay, Bryce, you’ve adequately covered the first item on my list of irritating meeting practices. During the rest of your tenure here please make sure to
    1) tell a long, weepy story about the illness of a distant relative that has neither a happy ending nor a Gospel point;
    2) inadvertantly confess to a serious transgression without showing any awareness that most members of the church would consider your actions immoral; and
    3) use the words “circumcision” and “castration” frequently and interchangeably.

  11. Rosalynde: “Bryce, are you related in some way to a Dwight Inouye (probably a generation above you) who grew up in Sanpete county as the best friend of my father, Russell Frandsen?”

    Rosalynde, is that Russ Frandsen in Canoga Park, CA?? If so, you’ve got great folks. My association with them is through Miller Eccles study group which they have hosted at their place for quite a few years now.

  12. Aloha…

    Being married to a great-grandson of Ferdinand Friis Hintze, and being pestered by the spirit of Elijah, I would love to learn how your family is related to mine. Please respond, if you still post here, or email.

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