JL (of Celibate in the City fame) goes PoMo about bloggernacle dating

Just how PoMo is the celibate one? Here’s a sample from her post on the topic:

Because of my internet blogging activities I ‘meet’ other people online. We have no real life interaction, just email and blogging comments. Then, one reader of my blog-about-dates invites me on a real date with one of his real friends. So I go out and meet in real life this stranger that I first met in cyberspace. (My simulacra world has now spilled into my real world). We have a real nice time. Then I go home to blog about the date, so I can create a simulacrum of this real event. However, I know that the people who experienced that same real event will read the simulacrum of it. This knowledge affects the way I report the event online.

Yikes. JL’s observations make me happy that I dated and married entirely outside of the blogosphere — I just don’t know if headache-inducing PoMo discussion about the nature of real experience is conducive to a healthy dating life.

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  1. To answer Kaimi’s question, No, this kind of stuff is not good for one’s real life dating. Hence, I am single. But I choose the life of examined contemplation over one of unexamined wedded bliss….the more I say it, the more likely it is to be true. ;-)

  2. I really don’t know whether or not it is conducive to a healthy dating life,
    but I do certainly think that those discussions can make for a much more interesting dating life.

  3. When I read the post originally I kind of thought it was attempting to look at the discomfort of the artificial world we create in light of thought and or criticism from Baudrillard or maybe even pk dick. I am assuming that is what makes it post modern in nature. not really that the post itself is postmodern, but it looks at the situation as being postmodern from a somewhat postmodern perspective.

    although I have always had the darndest time really feeling comfortable with a definition of postmodern or really feeling like I can call a perspective a philosophy or a work of art postmodern.

  4. Well, in my opinion dating in cyberspace can be just another way to get out in the world and meet people. It ended in marriage for two of my good friends.

    It doesn’t matter if you are dating in cyberspace, or if you meet in real life, if you over think things, you will get a headache. You will also miss out on a lot of fun.

    Just enjoy your singlehood while you have it.

  5. The single life is kinda overrated. And having converted after a somewhat wild career as a fraternity brother, and having had some experience with the non-celibate lifestyle, I t hink the voluntary celibate lifestyle too is overrated. I would gladly enter married life if only I could find a Sister interested in making the trip to the Temple with me!!! :(

  6. Hey Ronin,
    Where do you live? Send me an email if you live in the northeast. I’m ready to give up the celibate lifestyle myself.

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