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I know that we’re all in the middle of something here, but I thought that I should interrupt everything in mid-action to announce that T & S blogger Russell Arben Fox has moved his solo blogging from his old digs at Waldchem vom Philosophenweg to a spiffy new place called:

In Medias Res.

That’s Spanish, by the way, for “in stockings beef.” (Really, it is.) I’m told it has a Latin definition too, and if I weren’t in the middle of something right now, I might try looking it up. Anyway, welcome to your new home, Russell! (And good luck keeping that beef in stockings — doesn’t sound like the best storage system, if you ask me!).

5 comments for “New Blog Announcement

  1. Fixed. I was too busy being cute with the Spanish, and I put it in as “en” instead of “in.” Oops.

  2. I, for one, will miss “Waldchem vom Philosophenweg.” The German just seems so much more sophisticated than the Latin, if you ask me.

    Aaron B

  3. Thanks Aaron. I still like the German phrase too. (Besides, employing Latin may have the unfortunate consequence of making people think I’m a lawyer, which is a rather disturbing possibility.) But the old blog title alluding to a lot of stuff (at least in my own mind) which now feels more and more like intellectual baggage I’d prefer to be without. I wanted something simpler, something that didn’t seem (again, perhaps only to me) to imply so much of a direction or intention, but was more open-ended. Hence, In Medias Res.

    Incidentally, to anyone thinking about blogging, Blogger has a bad reputation, but it is still free and easy, and in fact works a lot better and has many more options than it did when I originally started blogging 18 months ago.

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