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  1. Interesting that the court only did so on the narrow basis of the city exceeding its authority by allowing the marriages to take place. And, for me, hard to see how they couldn’t have reached the conclusion that the city overstepped its authority in this case. This was a rogue mayor clearly going against the express will of the people of the state of California.

    However, I think the court decision re: the constitutionality of the anti-gay marriage laws in California will be interesting, since it will actually have to address the issue on its merits.

  2. Jordan,

    The court only ruled on the authority issue because that was the only issue before it. The cases challenging the constitutionality of California’s marriage law are a year or two away from Supreme Court review.

    To me, as interesting as the challenges to the current California marriage law and Prop. 22 are the challenges, brought by anti-SSM folks, to the recent law that granted “domestic partners” many of the rights of marriage.

  3. I agree that the Cali-Supremes (weren’t they a Motown group?) ruled correctly here. Newsom had no authority to order those licenses issued.

  4. And now Gov Mccready of NJ has resigned, because he has come flying out of the closet, and has admitted to having an affair with another homosexual man

  5. Folks on teh blogosphere are reporting that Gov McGreevey gave his homosexual lover the post fo Dirctor of Homeland Security for the State of NJ!!!! And the guy supposedly had no legit qualifications for that post, except that he was the Gov’s secret lover. I think the gov ought to be prosecuted for wasting taxpayers money, and for causing a serious breach of security in these post 9/11 days by essentially hiring his personal male prostitute for a vital job.

  6. Ronin,

    Please tone it down. In my opinion, your last sentence is well beyond the bounds of decency we’ve tried to set here.

  7. From many accounts, Cipel was indeed a gunsel, a “kept man” … saying as much isn’t indecent. How one says it may be, but ronin appears to have been judicious in his choice of terminology.

  8. I just thought Ronin made a too quick leap from consensual affair to prostitute; not having read any tawdry accounts of this matter, I’ll scale back to an objection that the probity of the comment is greatly outweighed by its potential for prejudice.

  9. I’ll agree with Greg on tone, but I think Ronin’s point (tone aside) is an important one.

    If you’re going to give your boyfriend a sinecure in government service, make it Waste Management Commissioner. Or Parks Inspector. Or perhaps Arts Director.

    But the last position you should give someone just because he’s your boyfriend is Homeland Security Director, especially in a state that is known to be a terrorist target. (Well, maybe the second or third last — behind Police Chief and Fire Chief).

  10. Guys, I apologise for the unfortunate use of the term I did. However, one of the local radio stations had some reporter from NJ saying that the “boyfriend” in question was just what I said he was, and that after people found out t hat he had no qualifications for the homeland Security Directors position, was let go, and he went back to the oldest profession, as they say

  11. Sid–I’ve been wondering if you were ronin too (same typing characteristics). Why the two names?

  12. John – i us the Ronin name to post comments on blogs or chatrooms. reason is this – until 3 weeks back, I used to be the mamager of a guitar shop that dealt with hi-end collectible guitars amon other things. So, on a guitar chatroom, a guy came in and said he had this collectible instrument and he posteda picture, and he wanted to know what its value was. And that particular guitar was a fake, and very obviously so. I posted my opinion, along with the necessaryevidence, and I was deluged with nasty emails, guys threatning my life etc. Hence my use of the name Ronin. But, since Gordon figured me out, I might as well post under my real name here!!!!

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