Book of Mormon Family Home Evening: Lesson Six

BMS: Lehi’s Dream
MBM: (not included)

Scripture: 1 Nephi 8:12
Theme: We can return to God.

Songs: CS #188
Hymn #274


(1) Introduction activity: Send the kids–individually or in groups to the far end of the house where they find the following message: “Your mission is to go to [name room at opposite end of the house]. Do not delay! No stopping along the way! Don’t waste time! Hurry!” As they make their trip, they should encounter parents along the way who try to distract them with offers of playtime, story reading, jumping on the beds, fort building, etc. When they reach their destination, they find a bowl of M & Ms. Point: we have a mission to return to God’s presence but there are a lot of things that might destract us unless we choose to ignore them.

(2) There is a good basic picture of Lehi’s vision in the Primary 4 Book of Mormon, lesson #4, manual that you can use to review the elements of the story and/or have the kids color.

(3) There are two different fingerplays of Lehi’s vision in the Friend: Father Lehi in June 2000 and Hold to the Rod in November 1992.

2 comments for “Book of Mormon Family Home Evening: Lesson Six

  1. Julie, this is a great idea. I’ll see how it goes. I’d love to see other FHE activities for young children under 10.

  2. Geoff–

    As you can tell from the title, this is lesson six of a year-long Book of Mormon-based FHE. I plan on posting lessons each week for the next 11 months (although I’ll probably throw a few Christmas ones in there, and if there are any random ones about being obedient to parents and kind to siblings, then you’ll know what kind of a week it was at my house :) )

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