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  1. Personally, I liked how the ACLU plaintiff slandered the Federal Judge & said that the verdict was a product of someone raised in a theocracy & was intolerant.

  2. I guess we can’t trust LDS judges now. So much for not having a religious test clause in the Constitution.


    Sorry…forgot the cite. Very interesting, btw, the way the Trib & the DNews handled the story. Two completely diff stories about 1 event.

    In the DNews, Siegel says that: ‘Kimball couldn’t be fair because he is a member of the LDS Church.’
    “I don’t know anything about the man personally; I just don’t expect any Utah federal judge to go against the position of his or her church,” Siegel said. “The way this state is run makes those of us who are not LDS feel like we are an oppressed minority.”

    in the SLTrib:

    One of the plaintiffs, Lee Siegel, was more forceful: “I did not expect a ruling in favor of freedom of speech and fundamental constitutional rights from any federal judge who is a product of Utah and its theocracy, which suffers from a severe and unhealthy allergy to dissent.”


  3. [Restoring Comments Inadvertently Lost in the WP transfer] :

    The responses of the ACLU folks does not surprise me at all. before joining the Church – I had volunteered fo te local ACLU, and I foun d out rather fast that most ACLu activists have a deep hatred for religious people, and actually seem to see religious folks are being somehow lesser intelligent people, except i you were a unitarian Universalist, in which case, you believed in nothing but in the prevailing liberal political dogma!!! I am not at all surprised at the very generalised, and sweeping accusations they are making against the Mayor, the Federal judge and everyone else in SLC who did not agree with the ACLU dogma on this case. Kinda ironic, aint it?

    Comment by: ronin at May 5, 2004 11:59 PM

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