Reminder: 12 Questions for Armand Mauss

As I posted earlier in the week, Mormon sociologist extraordinaire Armand Mauss has graciously agreed to be interviewed by the T&S readership. For those that may not know his work, Mauss has studied and written extensively on issues such as the priesthood ban, the international growth of the Church and the challenges it poses, and Mormon assimilation and retrenchment in the 20th century. You can get the flavor of some of his interests and views here, here, and here.

[The questions and answers are now up here and here.]

Please send any questions for Brother Mauss to [email protected]. The last day for submissions is Monday, April 12. We will select our favorite 12 questions and send them along.

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  1. “I was personally acquainted with a number of facts that would have shed quite a different light on the case. I could not help wondering how many other cases suffered from selective presentation. It seemed a little like bringing home a sack of sour lemons from the citrus section of the grocery store without having noticed any sweet oranges in the bins.

    Not that there would be any difficulty in finding sour lemons. I have lived long enough to have tasted a great many lemons in the Church myself and perhaps have even served some.”

    “Yet, at the same time, I would do all I could to convey this same assurance to my own family, as well as to other members of the Church, so that those close to me need not be demoralized by whatever happens to me. Lavina, to her enormous credit, seems to have adopted this policy in large part toward her own family, which I’m sure is the main reason that her son completed an honorable mission and is marrying in the temple.”

    Interesting comments.

    Made me wonder where I can read more on related topics.

    I’ve wondered what has become of many people.

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