Quick bloggernacking

I haven’t a lot of time today, and the bloggernacle keeps getting bigger (and harder to keep track of). Here are a few things I’ve noticed over the past few days:

Jordan Fowles’ interesting discussion of the topic “Is God a Retributionist or a Utilitarian?” (spoken like a true law student);
DP’s comments on why church members should turn off the TV this week;
Discussion of garments for sale, by Kim Siever and DP;
The Baron of Deseret comments about how we should view polygamy today; he also discusses recent LDS-mainstream movies;
Sunstone editor and BCC contributor John Hatch asks, “What can Mormonism offer to young people?”.

2 comments for “Quick bloggernacking

  1. It’s amazing, really, how fast the Mo-Blog is growing. I note that four of the five people you highlight have only been active in the Mo-Blog (as opposed to the blogosphere generally or other Mormon Studies media) for one month or less. Imagine where things will be in a couple of years?

    It’s also interesting how the Mo-Blog is organizing itself (spontaneously) into group blogs (forums for discussion and news, also pointing to or linking interesting discussions or articles elsewhere) and a bunch of “orbiting” solo blogs that both feed off of and contribute to the success of the anchoring group blogs. I’ve noticed this elsewhere in the blogosphere too. I’ve also got a third stage in my little typology, but we haven’t grown big enough for that yet. We will.

  2. I take exception to this. I’ve been over a month. ;-) Actually, I didn’t even know there was a MoBlog/Bloggernacle until about a month ago—about a week or so after I decided to start posting more Church stuff and posting daily.

    I, too, am looking forward to seeing how things grow.

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