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As Jonathan has been pointing out in his posts about Reading the Book of Mormon in wartime and Book of Mormon historical revisionism, we are only a few weeks out from starting the next year of the reading cycle. Come, Follow Me 2024, will focus on the Book of Mormon. We’ve had posts and discussions about what are some good resources in the past, such as the one David Evans put up about this time during the previous reading cycle that are worth looking over in preparation. But there are some good resources that are more recent that are worth discussing as well.

Publishers are very aware of the ongoing cycle and several books about the Book of Mormon have been published recently. A list of the ones of which I’m aware:

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s the list of what I’ve heard about.

Another resource that I would suggest keeping an eye on for Come, Follow Me 2024 information is the Come Follow Me 2024: Book of Mormon Resources page at the Latter-day Saint history blog From the Desk. It contains a lot of interesting and useful information about the Book of Mormon and there are some forthcoming interviews (including some related to the books listed above) that will come out over the course of the year.

Are there more resources that you would suggest?

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  1. Brant A. Gardner, Second Witness: Analytical and Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon
    Thomas R. Valetta, The book of Mormon Study Guide Start to Finish.

  2. I’m also looking forward to the third volume of “The Book of Mormon for the Least of These” series (Fatimah Salleh and Margaret Olsen Hemming).

  3. “Who Shall Ascend into the Hill of the Lord: The Psalms in Israel’s Temple Worship in the Old Testament and in the Book of Mormon,” LeGrand L. Baker & Stephen D. Ricks (Eborn Books, 2010).

    “The Children of Noah: Jewish Seafaring in Ancient Times,” Raphael Patai (Princeton, 1998). Appendix: “Biblical Seafaring and the Book of Mormon, John M. Lundquist.

  4. Brant Gardner has two new ones just out from Kofford. The Plates of Mormon and Engraven Upon Plates, Printed Upon Paper.

  5. Per @MoPo’s comment, I’ve really loved the first two volumes of *The Book of Mormon for the Least of These*. Wonderful commentary on the Book of Mormon from a social justice perspective. Third volume just dropped last week. All inexpensive.

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