Temple Architectural Heritages: Los Angeles

The Los Angeles is an example of a “modern single spired design”┬álike the Bern, Switzerland Temple and the London, England temple. It is also one of eight temples that have an assembly room. Being in the priesthood assembly hall–a large, cavernous room in the bright, holy context of a temple–is a special experience that I was able to have during the Washington DC temple rededication.

ChatGPT: What are other religious, non-LDS buildings that have a single spired design like the attached picture?

The building in the attached picture is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often referred to as LDS or Mormon Church). Buildings with single spires are not unique to the LDS faith, and there are several religious structures across various denominations and religions that feature a single spire. Here are some examples:

Steeple Churches: Many Christian churches, especially those in the Gothic architectural style, have a single steeple which houses bells and may be topped with a cross. Examples include village churches in Europe and many Protestant churches in the United States.

Minarets of Mosques: Islamic mosques often have one or more minarets, which are slender towers from which the call to prayer is announced. Some mosques might have a single minaret.

Stupas: In Buddhism, stupas are mound-like or hemispherical structures containing relics and used as a place of meditation. Some stupas, especially modern ones, might be designed with a more spired appearance.

Gurdwaras: Some Sikh temples or gurdwaras might have a single spire or dome design.