Humildad: Mexican Mission Hymns, Part 3

Oh, beloved brethren! Let us always remember the teachings of the prophets, let us always remember the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ which he brought us in the meridian of time.   Let us remember also his exhortations to our people here in the Americas, which are recorded in the Book of Mormon; let us keep watch so that these great treasures which have been left to us will not be buried as they were during the time of the great apostasy.  Strive to preserve them, to cultivate them, to convert our families into strong units in Zion.[1]

~Guillermo Torres


Note: This is a part of an ongoing series, the Mexico Mission Hymns Project.

Hymn Text:

Humildad by W. Ernest Young was originally published in the 1912 editions of Himnos de Sion, and was included in the 1927 and 1933 editions of that book before being cut in subsequent editions. According to the 1912 edition, it was intended to be sung to the tune of hymn 223 in Songs of Zion, which was “Beautiful Isle” by J. S. Fearis.  It is notable as the only one of the 23 original hymns in the Mexican mission hymnals to have a verse-chorus structure.

Figure 1. “Humildad,” in the second 1912 edition of Himnos de Sion.  Note: The author’s name is switched around slightly in the published text (Ernest W. instead of W. Ernest).

The author, Walter Ernest Young (1887 – 1982), was born in Colorado, but went on to live in the Latter-day Saint settlement of Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico and served as a full-time missionary in the Mexican Mission from September 5, 1910 through October 9, 1913.  He would go on to serve as President to the South American Mission in 1935 – 1938 and again from 1944 – 1949.[2]  He likely wrote “Humildad” during his missionary service in the Mexican Mission.

Figure 2. W. Ernest Young.

Figure 3. Missionaries in the Mexican Mission, circa 1910.  W. Ernest Young is the bottom row of adults on the far left.


Table 1. Translation of the text of “Humildad”


Spanish Text English Prose Translation English Poetic Translation
1. Santos oid á Cristo,

No olvidéis orar;

Pronto seréis premiados:

Con El podréis morar.

Saints, hear Christ,

Do not forget to pray;

Soon you will be rewarded:

With Him you can dwell.

1. Saints, please do listen to Christ,

Do not forget to pray;

Soon you will be rewarded:

With our God you will stay.


¡Gloria, gloria!

¡Al Rey de los humildes!

Un galardón y su gran amor,

Él da á los humildes.


Glory, glory!

To the King of the humble!

An award and His great love,

He gives to the humble.


Gloria, gloria!

To the King of the humble!

A grand reward, also His great love

He gives to all the humble.

2. Siempre tened confianza

En la gran redención;

Dios da la esperanza,

De que hay salvación.

Always be confident

In the great redemption;

God gives hope

That there is salvation.

2. Always keep confidence in

The great redeeming plan;

God has giv’n hope to us all

That there is salvation.

3. Id en las sendas rectas

De luz y de virtud;

Con voces de trompetas,

Al Rey dad gratitud.

Go on the straight paths

Of light and virtue;

With voices of trumpets,

To the King give gratitude.

3. Walk on the strait and narrow:

Way of light and virtue.

With your voice like the trumpets:

Praise your God, we urge you.

4. Gloria tendréis en obras,

No sólo por la fe;

Ved el ejemplo puro

Del Salvador y Rey.

You will have glory in works,

Not only by faith;

See the pure example

Of the Savior and King.

4. Glory comes from our works, from

Faith alone, it won’t spring;

Look to examples given

By our great Savior, King.



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[1] Guillermo Torres (President of the Mexico City North Stake), Official Report of the First Mexico and Central America Area General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, held in the National Auditorium, Chapultepec Park in Mexico City, Mexico, August 25, 26, 27, 1972 (Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1973), 18.

[2] “Walter Ernest Young,” Church History Biographical Database,


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