Book of Mormon Stories: New Verses for the Liahona, Nephi’s Bow, and Building the Ship

I teach nine-year-olds for Primary, and I’ve started composing new verses to the old primary song Book of Mormon Stories as a way to recap the events before we get into discussion and activities. Here are four verses (which are arguably terrible but also instructive: I’m clearly not a songwriter) that go along with tomorrow’s Come, Follow Me lesson for 1 Nephi 16-22. At the end of many lines are optional interjections (in the style of “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer“). I share them in case they might be useful for primary or family lessons tomorrow.


The Liahona
Lehi and Sariah needed guidance on their way. (in the wilderness)
One day Lehi left his tent right at the break of day. (good morning!)
There was a ball outside, and it did show them the way. (how curious!)
The Liahona led if they lived righteously.
Nephi’s Bow
Nephi and his brothers went out hunting to find food. (delish!)
Nephi broke his bow and his whole family did boo. (boo!)
Nephi built a new bow, asked his dad where he should go.
Lehi prayed, Nephi hunted, they all ate. (yay!)
Building the Ship
Then the Lord called Nephi, told him he should build a ship. (wow!)
His brothers did make fun of him so that working they could skip. (lazy!)
Nephi did remind them of all that the Lord can do! (miracles!)
They got mad, then got shocked, and helped grudgingly. (fine!)
Crossing the Ocean
They got on board the ship with fruits and meat and even seeds. (yum!)
But Laman and Lemuel started to do some real rude deeds. (ew!)
They tied up Nephi but for four days the ship did recede. (back!)
They let him go and he prayed ‘cos he was freed. (yay!)

Happy singing!

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  1. Bow verse suggestions, last two lines
    Nephi built a bow and asked his Dad, “Go west or east?”
    Lehi prayed, Nephi slayed, they did feast (yum!)

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