SMPT at U of U next week: “More Nations Than One: Theology, Culture, and Pluralism”

The Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology will hold a conference at the University of Utah, March 14-16, on the theme, “More Nations Than One: Theology, Culture, and Pluralism.”

The Book of Mormon presents a highly inclusive vision of God’s love and his work to redeem all humankind, affirming that “the Lord esteemeth all flesh in one” (1 Nephi 17:35). Yet distinctions among cultures appear to retain a meaningful role in God’s work, since he teaches them “of their own nation and tongue,” according to what “he seeth fit that they should have” (Alma 29:8). What role does the variety of nations and cultures among God’s children play in the project of building a people “of one heart and one mind” (Moses 7:18)?

Next week’s conference includes a number of different presentations on this theme, as well as several on other aspects of LDS belief such as repentance, baptism, and personal revelation. Here is a sampling of speakers and topics:

  • Jane Hafen, “Nor Any Manner of -Ites: Indigeneity and the Book of Mormon”
  • Bob Millet, “God Grants unto All Nations”
  • Jim McLachlan, “Deep Religious Pluralism: Bergson, Chamberlin, and Openness to the Religious Other”
  • Sam Brown, “The Atonement of Love”
  • Noel Reynolds, “The Language of Repentance in the Book of Mormon”
  • Brittney Hartley, “A Bible, We Have Got A Bible: Gathering Zion Through Open Scripture”
  • Keith Lane, “The Divine Beauty and Persuasion of the Latter-day Saints”
  • James Holt, “Towards a Latter-day Saint Theology of Religions”

The conference starts Thursday at 7:30pm and continues through about 5pm Saturday.

For the full schedule and other information, visit the conference page.