SMPT at Utah State Univ. Next Weekend: The Exaltation Revelations

The Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology will be meeting at Utah State on Friday-Saturday, March 16-17, with a focus on “The Exaltation Revelations,” D&C 76, 84, 88, and 93. The program includes talks on divine justice, the potentially universal scope of salvation, the law of the celestial kingdom, the role of the priesthood in salvation, and various perspectives on the eternal nature of humans and our kinship with God.

Many of the most distinctive Latter-day Saint teachings appear in a series of revelations received in 1832-33, and recorded in Doctrine and Covenants sections 76, 84, 88, and 93. Richard Bushman has called these the “exaltation revelations,” in reference to the state of the righteous in the celestial kingdom. These revelations clarify the nature and basis of salvation and exaltation, the order of the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods, the eternal nature of humankind, and the role of the church in the last days. While they draw continually on themes and language of the Bible, the exaltation revelations establish Mormonism as a dramatic departure from the prevailing Christian theology of the time.

The conference will be held on the fifth floor of the University Inn. It is free and open to the public. Please join us!

Full program information appears on the SMPT website.