Mormon Social Science Association Conference

The Mormon Social Science Association is having a conference at Utah Valley University on February 21st from 1:00 PM – 6:45 PM. This looks to be particularly interesting. The featured speakers are Marie Cornwall and Jana Riess.

Marie Cornwall is speaking on “Lessons Learned from a Historical Perspective on Women’s Lives.” There’s been some amazing work on women in Mormon history the past few years. I think we’re getting some important attention on perspectives that have been unduly neglected in how people look at the past of Mormonism.

Jana Riess is speaking on Mormon Millennials and generational change. I suspect this will in large part figure her recent survey and the associated data. There’s been a lot of recent statistical work, particularly from Pew, noting a pretty significant realignment both to a degree with Millennials but more particularly with the younger generation. Riess’ title for her presentation “From Institutional to Relational Authority” suggests the nature of that shift.

There are several other presentations, many of which sound particularly interesting.

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  1. Indeed. I was learning about cohorts, millenials in particular, in an online version of a university business course in marketing, and wondered at millenials I knew who were LDS and fit the national cohort so closely.

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