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We’re please to be working with Kurt Manwaring over at 10 Questions to bring you some really great interviews. The first one coming up in a little bit will be an April 10 interview with Spencer Fluhman. He’s the executive director of the Maxwell Institute at BYU and is the editor of To Be Learned is Good: Essays on Faith and Scholarship in Honor of Richard Bushman. On April 24th we’ll have an interview with Mark Ashurt-McGee and Sharalyn Howcroft on their new book Foundational Texts of Mormonism. Both these look to be very great books so we’re really excited.

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  1. Some great news is relation to the j review with Spencer Fluhman. To promote the interview, the Maxwell Institute will be giving away a free copy of “To Be Learned is Good.” Details will be forthcoming as the interview draws nearer, but there are some great opportunities coming up to learn what the historians at the forefront of today’s scholarship are thinking.

    Additionally, 10 questions interviews with non-Mormons always include a question of relevance to Mormons. So whether you’re looking at a Bible Belt author like Philip Jenkins, an English scholar like Peter Marshall, a Christian entertainment executive like Brian Bird or even a reality tv host like Jeff Probst – you can get a feel for what others think of Mormons.

  2. Jack – thanks. John gave some incredibly insightful responses and included delightful stories about Hugh Nibley.

    If you liked the John Gee interview, there are a few more coming down the pike you may enjoy. In particular, Dan Peterson (March 6) and Matt Grow / Eric Smith (Feb. 27). Dan’s interview is very similar to John’s with a wonderful tone and some great news about what is working on. The interview with Matt and Eric will give some great insights on the Joseph Smith Papers and a preview of the interview has already been posted publicizing that Matt is working on a biography of Brigham Young.

    Lots more to come – thanks for taking a look.

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