Rocky Mountain Retreat

I’ll be speaking at the Rocky Mountain Retreat this June. Here’s the description of my presentation:

For generations, almost all scripture interpretation and transmission was conducted by men. What happens when we scrub away the accretions of androcentric interpretation and examine the texts afresh? In this presentation, Julie will discuss several New Testament stories about women from literary, historical, and feminist perspectives: Why did a story about a menstruating woman survive–and how does it re-interpret the Fall? Why does Mark show a woman besting Jesus in a debate? What does it mean to be a female disciple? Why did a woman anoint Jesus–and why did Jesus say that that story should be told wherever the gospel is preached? How do the Gospels’ views of women’s roles differ from each other? What does the atonement mean for women and their ministry? What roles did women play in the preservation of stories about Jesus and the transmission of scripture?

More info here if you think you might want to join us.

8 comments for “Rocky Mountain Retreat

  1. Out of curiosity are you going to also discuss The Gospel of Thomas? I always find that interesting relative to the view of women in the early palestinian church. (Many don’t consider it gnostic despite appearing at Nag Hammadi)

  2. Brian, I’m not sure.

    Clark, no, I generally stick to the canonical stuff.

  3. I’ve been teaching early morning seminary this year (my first time teaching NT) and have tried my best to include women’s stories, particularly ones barely touched on by the manual. I was/am particularly interested in the story of Jesus being anointed by a woman, clearly a practice not existing today (ie. women anointing men). I won’t be able to make the retreat so would love if you could do an article on your insights. Fascinating stuff.

  4. Julie, thank you so much. I just finished reading your article and will continue to digest the profound insights and parallels you shared.

  5. Hi Julie! You are such a fresh of breath air and such a great educator! I have to really spend time with your works but I learn so much! Will this talk be available any where to purchase or read? xox

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